1 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

What is my prime goal of 2016?

1381st BLOG POST -->>

         The New Year is finally here and the first day of it is about to end in few minutes. First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this post and specially to them who have kept supporting me from all these years which makes me enough enthusiastic to continue writing Blogs. 2015 is history and I find it too difficult to come in terms with the fact that a year has gone by and will never return back. There was so many things more that I wanted to do in 2015 and finding it no where around me surely makes someone like me very sad who sees each year as a medium through which targets can be set and achieved in limited number of days. But now that 2016 has begun, its time to decide how to make this year special and different and better than the previous years.

            2015 has completely changed my life and now that my full time educational days are over, life has almost become stable now with a job in hand. I wish my employer confirms me so that the stability maintains throughout this new year. Haha! 2016 is going to be a much calmer year for me and I am looking forward to experience some new activities and learn things I have never managed to try my hands upon. Though my salary is not something which can be spent upon things which aren't much necessary but then after a point of time, I do not want to regret about wasting my days of youth in a job of 9-to-6 and sitting on a revolving chair when I could have put my physical energy into something. 

           The last 1 week of 2015 has gone in too much of hard work for a project I am currently working upon in my organization and I found myself taking responsibility of something for the first time in my professional life. It has given me enough confidence about myself and therefore, the prime goal of 2016 would be to become the best in my field and give some courageous inputs to the project that I would be working upon. Being a part of the "elite" IT industry was always a dream and I am happy that 2016 will be all about establishing myself in the same. This is the year when I shall get the confirmation letter from my current employer and I am working hard towards winning it at right time. After that, I am waiting for my father to come back from Saudi Arabia to celebrate these great successes I have achieved in his absence from the last one year. I might also find myself enjoying in a long-awaited trip with my parents in first quarter of the year. Another great thing is also scheduled to happen in my family in the first quarter itself but I would disclose about it when it shall happen. 

            I have always wished to learn swimming and I think this year would be perfect to finally get myself trained in it. Some 100-150 kilometers of continuous car-driving is also planned. Let's see if I would be able to manage the same. Another thing that I have always wished to become comfortable is- watching Hollywood movies or series. I am going to try to either watch 5 Hollywood Movie Series or a single TV series with all its seasons completed. Looking forward to getting little comfortable with their accent by the end of this year so that I can enjoy Hollywood stuffs in theater too. :-) And my list of targets will also continue to be the same this year with little easier targets as job has become a priority now. Reading 52 books are my target for this year. 200 Blog Posts will be tried again i.e. touching the landmarks of 1400th and finally the 1500th BLOG POST. Learning 100 new English words. Reading Gita once again. Visiting Panvel's Sai Mandir once every month and Shirdi Sai Mandir at least once in a year. Saving more money than last year. PAISAAAA!!!! :-) And after completing all of this, I would love to pass my 1st year of part-time MBA at Welingkar's without any back-drop. 

           2016 is going to be exciting with other new experiences and achieving same targets that I set every year. I hope all of you must have also drafted yours to make this year your best till now. Life is defined by each and every year you live and if you do not strive hard to make your current year the best you have ever lived, there is no fun in living. So let's get back to work as party is over, friends. A Very Happy New Year 2016 to each one of you. Let's become inspirational and inspire everyone this year. GET SET GO!!!



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