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Review: Natsamrat: Artistic, Emotional, Dramatic, Pure!!! ****

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       Natsamrat is the first ever Marathi movie I have watched in my life because I had an option of watching it with subtitles. Though I understand Marathi language but I didn't want to spoil my experience of watching any movie by not understanding even a single dialogue of it. Natsamrat is adaptation of a famous Marathi play into a movie by Mahesh Manjrekar and this man has once again proven why he is considered to be one of the best talents we have in our country. The way movie is written and presented on the big screen is worth applauding. Though the concept isn't something new as it's also made on the lines of Baghban, Avatar, Bidaai etc. But the way writers and director have given it a dramatic and emotional touch in the most unique manner makes this movie an epic experience to watch.      

            Nana Patekar is just absolutely perfect in the movie and since his first scene to the last, he is so flawless that you won't stop praising him after coming out of the theater for a week at least. His performance takes away a part of yours with it which will always bow in devotion to this actor. He makes you laugh and cry with him but along with it, he also manages to shock and surprise you with his unexpected behaviors and dialogues and the way he faces his life just as if it is a play and nothing else. This character meant only for Nana Patekar and never ever can any actor touch the same strings as Nana have, through this movie. He will always be remembered for his brilliance that he portrayed in this creative presentation.

            The dialogues in the movie are so powerful that you won't stop clapping and repeating them again and again even while watching. Every monologue by Nana Patekar is written crisply and straight with a literary value which makes this movie a classic indeed. The best parts of the movie are whenever Nana and his best friend, played by Vikram Gokhale, are in conversation and the bestial comes in the last scene between them when they enact their favorite part from Mahabharata. Even Patekar's chemistry with his wife is wonderfully portrayed. Everyone have performed their best and this movie is an example of how a movie is made considering all the artistic values and creative writings. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5 for being different and special. 



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