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Our Impossible Love by Durjoy Datta (Book Review-3.9*/5) !!!

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      And I spent my Sunday reading Durjoy Datta's 12th novel named "Our Impossible Love" which is my 5th book of this year and I'm very glad that I managed to complete this 289-pages book in a day. It's a very light read which makes it easy for you to keep turning pages to explore what will happen with the protagonist in the very next sentence. Durjoy Datta is a young author who knows what his young audience needs from him. He always manages to write a book based on teenagers yet touch a different layer of emotion each time. From last 2-3 years, he have begun experimenting with characters in his books which is proving him to be a writer better than many other claiming to sell more than him in off-seasons when these bestselling authors don't release their work. It is incredible on the author's part to write more than 12 books in his writing career of 9 years. Kudos!     

           Our Impossible Love is a story of Danish Roy and Aisha Paul, both different in their own way since school time, and find it very hard to compare themselves with their classmates and peers. But time brings both of them together and then how chemistry changes and twists and turns happen is what makes Our Impossible Love a book that you would ask everyone to read at least once. Yes, the initial 35-40 pages of the book are little annoying as some uncomfortable situations of both the characters are talked about and it becomes hard to accept in the initial pages itself and you assume that the whole book would carry about their trauma with their changing hormones etc. But the moment author starts introducing more characters in the story in form of Sarthak, Ankit, Vibhor etc, you know that the tale is about to begin. 

           Durjoy Datta has chosen to tell the story in first person for the main protagonists which gives a special touch to the narration. The Indian pulp-fiction writers should learn from Durjoy on how to speak about a current topic without being preachy yet speaking everything that's politically and morally correct. It doesn't bore you even for a while and you want to read the author's viewpoint on many other youth issues too. Author talks about uncomfortable sex a girl has to go through in the name of relationship, the scary days after the girl decides to stop the boy from misusing her body, an emotion of a boy who hears rumour about his sister sleeping with different boys daily, an emotional turmoil of a boy who realizes that he is a gay and his fight against daily abuses from his classmates for being something which isn't in his control, an inferiority complex of a boy who is always treated extra against his brother who's a performer and achiever etc. 

           This book talks on so many youth issues in such an interesting manner that you couldn't believe in the end that you read a story which actually opened your mind towards different kinds of people you have around you whom you don't even consider in your life. This book is definitely one of Durjoy's best attempt and the author have finally managed to find a purpose behind his passion of writing. I have always been a good critic to the author and have rated him both- High and Low but this time, it's definitely on a better side- I rate this book 3.9* out of 5. GO FOR IT! It's a recommendation. 0.1 less than 4 because I found climax little silly and not a very good end to a story which carried itself with a great stature throughout. :-)



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