15 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Imitation is not Adaptability but Our Under-confidence towards our Personality!!!

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   Each of us have got our own lives and there's individualistic propensity according to which each one of us lead our lives. And that's what makes meeting and greeting new people interesting and joyful because we tend to know things that we would have never got acquainted with. The learning that we possess after talking with anyone in this world even for 5 minutes may not be visible at that point of time but somewhere in our subconscious mind, the experience stays and makes us take a wise decision against a similar personality after years. This is the reason why when we watch reality shows like Bigg Boss or Roadies, we start identifying the contestants with few people we personally know in life. Because somewhere in our mind the person stayed even when we didn't traveled, chatted, enjoyed night-outs with him/her.       

          Don't you think we often end up remembering the people who are genuine and unpretentious? The people who fake or pretend themselves to be something they aren't do become a point of our gossips for few days or weeks but eventually we forget them and many useless people in our life after that are compared with them. That's the only time we remember them but never in the good moments of our life. The imitation of any other personality when gets imbibed into our personality- the whole existence almost gets skewed and diminished. We may think that the people around are saluting us but somewhere in the block of our mind, we know that the thing might disappear when I'll speak my mind someday- intentionally or unintentionally. 

             The pretentious personality often emerges out as an instant and spontaneous performers but after some time, their USP which made them cynosure starts fading away and as soon as they start unmasking their real side, they are been moved to that isolated part of social circle from where coming out becomes a major task of their life. Many die in loneliness then or many struggle in depression. An improvement after realization brings back that glorious life which might have started because of your pretensions but it returns to stay forever. And the feeling is not less than experiencing spirituality, peace and joy within. 

              An introvert personality may act little overtly or an extrovert personality may start his journey with silence and isolation at a new environment but that's called adaptability. Pretension occurs when a person changes his whole personality to fit into the society to make people believe that he belongs to the same society as them and become a part of the group and get an identity. That's actually an identity crisis. You are not believing in yourself which makes you less prone to impress anyone and become anyone's favorite, not even of the one whom you are idolizing in your movement of imitation. Some people follow their superstars so much that they almost start wearing and walking and talking like them but even for a minute or two when their real self is displayed, people get enough annoyed to not even cross the road they walked by. 

               Stop imitating anyone and be yourself. If you find it hard to let your real self get presented in front of new company, take few weeks but eventually come into the zone in which you find yourself at ease without any pressure of always proving yourself to be someone you are not and cannot be. I am someone who finds his solace only when he cracks joke on everyone and makes his environment a live demonstration of a stand-up comedian's stage. But whenever I join a new institution, I am the one who would seem to be the most boring and isolated personality but after knowing the people and getting to understand what each one of them are like, I start displaying myself gradually and I come into my avatar within few weeks. And only then I feel that I am living the life I am proud of. I feel so confident about my personality. Many people might feel few of my jokes offensive and demeaning but I know that the way to anyone's heart is to enter into their life with my real self with however complex and avoidable it is. :-) That's all I had to talk with you today.



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