31 December 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

My Report Card of 2015!!!

1380th BLOG POST -->>

          I hope you remember I had posted about completing the year's target in this last month of year rather than waiting for a new year to begin and then make dummy resolutions only for namesake and end up forgetting them in the first quarter of the year itself. I tried my level best and got successful in almost every target I had kept for myself. One of them was to get 200 blog posts completed this year and luckily, I am writing this post which is 200th post of this year. :-) There are many resolutions and target that we keep every year for ourselves and strive every day to accomplish them. This is valid only for those people who really love themselves. And I love myself a lot. Haha! This year, in the very first blog post that I had written, I had discussed about what 2015 has in store for me. I had given an overview of what I'll be doing to make my year successful. Sharing those words with all of you in case you have forgotten. 

             "Now, as 2015 has begun, I have decided to keep my list of resolutions short. The only target as of now is gaining enough knowledge so that I end up getting a good job after completing MCA. I do not want 2015 to be a depressing and jobless year as it seems to be happening. I wish to change my life from here on wards. Already this year will see my education getting over and professional world welcoming me. I just want it to be delighting and memorable. The first half of 2015 will be all about my efforts, hard work, dedication, sleepless nights that I shall put to make myself a salable employee. The 2nd half will be about delivering what I would have done in these 6 months. Another resolution is to lose the fats that I have accumulated in 2014 like anything. It's becoming very embarrassing for me now. :| Let's see what 2015 has for store in me."

              Now, I can proudly say that I didn't disappoint myself and achieved whatever I had talked about in the above paragraph an year ago. There are few resolutions that I had marked up in my diary which I have achieved and also some new experiences which I luckily got a chance to witness. I am sharing few of them below.

  • Got MCA's 5th semester result and scored my best percentage till then.
  • Got MCA's 6th semester and final result and again scored the best marks I have ever scored. 
  • Got Certified as "Software tester" with A Grade.
  • Got a job as "Software Tester" within a month of completing MCA.
  • Following which got the very first salary of my life.
  • Read 60 Books
  • Reached the landmark of 1200th and 1300th Blog Post.
  • Wrote 200 Blog Posts.
  • Purchased 5.1 Surround Speakers, Food Processor, Mobile phone and Leg Massager with my hard-earned money.
  • Had my first journey in Flight from Mumbai to Lucknow and return too.
  • Got my passport
  • Had 3 long-drives of almost 100 Kilometers each. 
  • Worshiped Shirdi Sai Baba like I do every year.
  • Attended Bowers and Wilkins' event at Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. 
  • Got admitted in Welingkar Institute's Part time MBA Program etc.

               Overall, I have been successful in completing all my targets and 2015 has emerged out to be my best year till now. It is quite sad to leave this year behind but every new year comes with new challenges and opportunities therefore, I am looking forward to 2016 eagerly and hoping for some new achievements to get unlocked and make me a better person than what I am. I have learnt a lot of things in 2015 and therefore, this year shall always remain dearly to me. I hope all of you must have achieved your targets in 2015. If not, 2016 is just 1.5 hours away from here. Let's make it special. What say? :-) A Very Happy New Year to you and your family. May god bless you all.



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