26 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

How Bhupendra Chaubey made us realize who we are!!!

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        The other day I saw that interview of Sunny Leone with Bhupendra Chaubey where she is been humiliated by the offensive questions of the journalist. Well, I am not a great fan of the porn actress nor I have watched any of her so-called XXX movie. But I do not endorse disrespect of anyone who is on path of changing their life by leaving their past behind on a national television by a journalist who belongs to a profession in which they have themselves become biased in the name of TRP and money. Count all the famous journalists and you won't find a single one among them who isn't biased or provocative in their prime time shows. And the journalist also wanted to conduct the same interview in Hindi with Leone but she disagreed and moved out from the studio. She says that she got scared and started feeling lonely in that room because of the kind of questions journalist was purposely hurling to demean her on national television.  

           Well, I don't think that raising finger only on the journalist will prove all the other interviews or discussion on television to improve. The problem lies in all of us. We, human beings, are never happy with our own lives. Whenever there's a small issue that we come to know, we share it with someone else not as a bad news that has happened with someone but we scandalize it through our narration of the same scenario. This leads to defamation of those people involved in it and we never feel bad about them even if we know that we could have helped them by not sharing the incident even when we came to know after 100 already knew about it. We like peeping into lives of people around us, find flaws and then demean them either behind them or publicly shame them for their wrongs (which had nothing to do with your life) committed intentionally or unintentionally. 

             Many youngsters commit suicide for the only reason of insult that they have to face in their campus every day. A small secret of their life gets revealed to someone in the campus and the person starts harassing the victim in group until they end up doing something more terrible which can give them a much better topic to share with everyone in classroom and canteen. With this attitude, people move towards their professional and married life and keep doing the same with the people they meet in this journey called life. We find it an achievement in breaking someone's bad news among our circle and become the FIRST person to break that news to everyone. We feel that this makes us vindictive and wanting in our circle which urges everyone to come and talk with us forcibly. Because even they want to break it to someone who is still unaware of someone's tragedy. Ill, isn't it?

              Today, the new generation have started hating their relatives for the only reason that they never support the family in tragedy but makes fun in as many places as possible so that we face humiliation wherever we go. And with years, in hatred, even we develop this attitude of ridiculing someone's life- as a revenge as much as possible and we start feeling an achievement in doing this. But we realize the same when it comes back to us through our children. When they get humiliated and scandalized in public for something that they are going through, it is only then that we realize the pain but rather than taking any lessons, we become more outrageous and villainous and start spoiling as many lives as possible with this habit. What Bhupendra Chaubey did that day on national television was the example of what all of us are. If you seriously felt bad about the victim on the show, just promise yourself that you will never let anyone be the victim of the same until and unless it's in your possibility to stop the chain reaction of gossip. That's all I wanted to say.



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