24 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kyaa Kool Hain Hum: Neither Sex Nor Comedy!!! ½

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       I am just done watching Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 which was intended to be Sex Comedy like its first 2 parts and I am seriously missing the 1st movie in the franchisee. This movie neither had sex nor comedy. The first movie in the series was quite ahead of its time and surprised many of us with its straight-forward adult jokes which were really funny. Now the time has actually moved quite ahead which seriously needs a good adult comedy to actually impress its audience and KKHH 3 is definitely not THAT. It does start with few sentences which has double meaning and manages to make you smile but with time, the focus of the script changes towards the plot like Golmaal or Bol Bachchan where one lie leads to many and the confusion gets build up only to get solved in the end with a happy ending. It was quite sad to see film getting off track only after few minutes of its show.  

            The biggest problem with the script is that they have no idea what they are about to make but just because they already have a brand of this movie, they moved ahead to make this worthless piece of .... . It seems as if writers created 4-5 dialogues which made the producers laugh and they asked them to build a movie around it and that produced this idiotic movie with no substance. The entrance of Krishna did create some hope but it eventually reduced to anger and frustration as to why the director of the movie didn't concentrate even a bit on screenplay and characters which could have done wonders. None of the performances look solid enough to engage you with the movie. And some characters are wasted such as of Shakti Kapoor and Mandana Karimi that you want to ask the writers that why did they add it in the story in the first place.

           Tushar Kapoor have looked totally idiot in this movie even though he have managed to make us laugh in many comedy movies earlier. Mandana Karimi does not have more than 4-5 dialogues which was quite disappointing. Giselle and Claudia are only meant to show their respective cleavages and does well in doing that. It's only Aftab Shivdasani who have managed to perform decently in whatever he was given. Music of the movie is below average and none of the songs are enough catchy to stay with you once you move out of the theater. I give this movie only 0.5 stars and that too for the cleavage of Giselle. I wish the next release- Mastizaade turns out to be a worthy adult sex comedy than this poor act. 



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