26 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

The need of the nation on this 26th January!!!

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         There are always few problems around us but that does not mean we boycott the environment or start cussing it for becoming what it is. There is always a person who stands out in the mass and promises to change the whole scenario and makes the horizon a better place to live in. And when everyone in the crowd has the same feeling of changing things for betterment or doing whatever they can from whatever amount of resource and energy they have, the society only leads and becomes an example which is followed by others which results in many more societies becoming a better place to live in. India is going through the same phase and it needs someone like Gandhi or Bhagat Singh or Swami Vivekananda to become a leader, inspire the crowd and develop a leader among everyone to take India in a situation from where it can see a great future. 

            On this Republic Day, this is the only problem that we, as a nation, are facing. We have everything that this country needs to develop but because of many outrageous and negative mindsets whatever that can take place is also not happening and we are only moving backwards. Even when we have got a new government which is eyeing on bringing as much foreign investments in India as possible to raise our economy and importance in World map, we are not finding time from making memes of the Prime Minister and making fun of him. Yes, you can say that he must have concentrated on improving the basics first before going towards implementing premium changes like bullet trains etc but we do not know what's actually happening in the meetings of cabinet ministry. May be they have some other plans that we aren't aware of. 

           There are billion of things that are wrong with our country for which Government may be the culprit but there are also million of things that we can do to save our country from whatever embarrassment it is facing or might face in near future. But what are we doing except pointing finger at government, citizens, outsiders, constitution etc? Everyday, we find someone or the other sharing snaps of few people breaking rules in public places and becoming arrogant and egoistic when asked not do the same. This is the problem with us. When we are doing wrong and someone is asking us to stop it we want to show him/her how right, powerful and stubborn we are but we do not settle the situation with a smile and inspiring our own self rather than arguing with the person who is doing his bit to improve the situation of this country. 

            There is no point in having a constitution or 100 such regulatory policies when we do not have the propensity of mooting our level and becoming a better citizen than the way we grew up in this country. May be 1000 citizens must be throwing their chocolate wrappers in the train but may be one wrapper of yours that goes into the dustbin may reduce 365 such wrappers in a year in a train's coach and railway platforms. May be if we are not honking on road, we can reduce the noise pollution level by a small fraction in the overall statistic of the city. May be if we stop identifying people with their religion and region, we can decrease whatever little intolerance our country is facing. It's time to contribute at our personal level for our country which is not only government's job but equally ours too. Let's get to work with this and celebrate Republic Day with joy and happiness. 




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