30 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Mastizaade: A Foolish Attempt in the Genre!!! 0

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      Bollywood movie-makers should learn a genre before starting to explore it with their amateur ideas and skills. Last week Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 disappointed us a lot in the name of Sex Comedy and this week, Mastizaade got itself vindicated in the same list. This is Milap Zaveri's first directorial venture who has been a part of many successful projects before. The problem lies in assuming that India's vulgar audience is so vulgar that they will like anything that is made in the name of vulgarity. Sometimes, sit at the "katta" where the target audiences of such movies sit and crack jokes. You will get a clear idea on how much work you still have to do in making them laugh through your movies. There's lot of lacking factors in your movies that claim to make us laugh through punchlines based on sex, lust and vulgarity.     

           Mastizaade does not have a great plot line. It drives through just like that with few dialogues cracked in an incomplete manner which sounds like a notorious favor until the same person clarifies it by adding a word and giving it the meaning with which it was said. And this is how almost 90% of all the dialogues are written in the movie. Most of the jokes are targeted at testicles which I do not know why the makers thought would make the people laugh. It is the least wanting organ of the 4 body parts involved in seduction and sex. Haha! Also I do not know what made makers think that "beep" concept tried with Riteish Deshmukh's character will be an appreciative element. It must have made them laugh while writing but none of the jokes were funny during the course of the movie. God knows if the makers even know what audiences prefer. 

           Sunny Leone is wasted in the movie. The only reason why Milap must have cast her seems to be making her stand in bikini through out the movie. There's not a single scene where Sunny Leone seduces in a raunchy hot scene to make the audiences feel that their paisa has been vasool-ed. And the expectations are always high when you take Sunny Leone in a movie and that too, in a double role performance. Tushar Kapoor and Vir Das have also been disappointing with their same kind of performance in the whole 2 hours. There's nothing great in their role for which one would at least watch this movie for the actors playing the main characters. If a sex comedy doesn't have sex, comedy and dialogues, I do not think there's anything left in it to watch. I will give this movie 0 star. 



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