16 January 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Chalk N Duster: Boring, Dull & Bad Execution!!! *

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          Education system in India is a great topic to be talked upon in form of any kind of creative medium- documentary, movie or a book. Munnabhai MBBS, 3 Idiots, 5 Point Someone are the great examples of the same. Chalk N Duster is also made on the similar topic and is the 2nd Bollywood movie to be released in 2016. These days, new directors are making some powerful Bollywood movies which might not collect huge amount at the Box Office but almost everyone appreciates whoever watches it. I had thought that same would be the case with CND but the movie is very disappointing in terms of execution. 

          The idea is great and even the topics mentioned related to what happens in private school is also real and relating but it could have been done either in a very entertaining way or serious way but it seems to be inspired so much from Indian daily soaps that a non-lover of the same would bang his head on each and every scene. Definitely, few scenes are powerful and makes you emotional or aware but it's not enough for you to clap for it. These days, a movie is made on a social topic on how rich is exploiting the system - then a person thinks of standing against it - his action is then recorded by someone and shared on social media - in pre-climax, you will find a revolution taking place and mindset of people getting changed- by the climax, the rich personality's truth gets revealed and the hero gets his due importance and respect- And they lived happily after.... And Chalk N Duster is made actually in the same manner. Boring!!!

            Chalk N Duster is a movie which is made with very good intentions and that's why you won't like to abuse it. But somewhere in your heart, while watching the movie, you will feel bad for such a good message being represented in such a dull manner. The performances are good by Juhi Chawla and Shabana Azmi. But rest, all the other stars have participated in the movie as if it's a charity towards director. All the potentials have been skewed by the director which he could have utilized in much better way. I give this attempt just 1 star and that too for its intention otherwise movie has nothing for which I should give it any mark on the rating scale. 



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