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Review: Saala Khadoos: Script, Screenplay and Performances uplift the movie! ****

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      Saala Khadoos is a great movie which needs to be watched this weekend which will not only rejuvenate you for a week but months. It is very effective and touching and does not bore and disappoint you even in a single scene. Right from its first frame to its last, movie showcases what a great cinema is and how such serious and wonderful topics should be handled rather than creating a mockery of it. The movie is so well-made that you would feel as if it is a biopic of someone who have accomplished great feat in the game of boxing. 

            Movie is about how the actual sports body works when politics is being played with the coaches and players. They are left in a trap from which they can never be freed if they love their game and wishes to play for their country. The corruption and self-interest of the officers higher in hierarchy affects the career and game of some of the really good players who can change the fortune of the country in the particular sports but they are never given chance because they do not compromise and agree with whatever is ORDERED to them. Along with taking this serious topic ahead, movie also portrays the word LOVE in the way it should be actually shown in our movies. How two sisters working in the same field can face changes in their relationship is another good angle spoken in the story. 

           The script of the movie is the real winner along with the screenplay. Movie is never stretched and dragged. Everything is kept in the right proportions which plays well with the audience. Songs move the story further hence their insertion is also justified. The dialogues are crisp and effective and brilliantly written. They aren't used again and again like a typical Bollywood movie but all the dialogues does their job well in making you clap for it. The scenes where the coach hits the girl is also handled well otherwise it could have been looked bad and violent. 

           Coming to the performances, R Madhavan have played the character of a rude and serious coach very well. The expressions on his face and his whole body language makes you adore him on screen. His screen presence shows the hard work he must have gone through to make himself perfect in this role. Ritika Singh has delivered a wonderful performance and I doubt if she can ever match up to her own level later in her career. Seeing her in this movie, it is hard to imagine her do anything other than being rough and tough and knocking out her opponents in the boxing ring. All the other performances are also excellent and no one lacks in this department called ACTING. This movie makes you feel angry and sad about our sports body, also makes you laugh and cry in its moment and also encourages you to accept the LOVE shown in a very different manner. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. 



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