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Tu Jo Hai Toh Main Hoon- PART 1!!! (Short Story)

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      I remember the last time I talked with my father with love and affection was sometimes when I was in 5th std. He was my hero then. I loved having him around me because his personality made me feel superior among my friends. I often asked him what should I do to look, walk and talk like him once I grow up. He always smiled, kissed me on my cheeks and said that I am already perfect and I do not have to change anything to get any better. We used to play cricket, watch movies and even wake and sleep together. That was how he used to treat me. He always told his friends that he was blessed to have me. He used to say that I was the kind of child he always imagined to be a father of. He was proud of my beautiful face when I took birth. He was proud of my voice and fluency when I grew enough old to recite poems. He was proud of the way I ran and always secured first position. He was fond of me and I was fond of him even without knowing how big or small he was professionally as I was too small to understand who he was. 

             Well, he was Vice President of India's biggest banking industry. 

             I had sweet relation with my mother and I always loved sharing every small and big things with her. But I wasn't proud of her personality because her shoulders were always drooped low and she never looked confident. Yes, she was beautiful but she never lived like she could have. We had big home, big car and almost everything that people in India crave and dream but still something remained missing in her. I never understood the reason of her way of living until I saw my father hitting her one day for a small mistake she made. Well, the mistake being her forgetfulness to remind him that he wasn't carrying his purse while going to office. I was in 5th std itself but enough matured to understand that my father considered my mother nothing more than a servant who was there only to keep house clean and take his care. He wasn't even responsible for remembering to pick up his purse before leaving the home as he considered my mother to do almost everything for him. I shouted at him and said that I'll never talk to him. Since then our relationship was never same as before but he never talked badly with my mother again. I was enough happy for this than anything in this world.

             Years passed and I grew up. Many relatives and uncles-aunties used to ask what have I decided to do once I stand up on my feet. I told them that I wanted to do job. My father had turned into a businessman by then. Yes! It was always his dream that he would earn by 45 years of age and then create something of his own and run an industry. In few years itself, he was considered one of the bests in his new field. Being from a banking industry, he managed to learn everything about construction and real-estates and started taking assignments for creating big towers and skyscrapers. Later on, he even started trading and most of his business came from cities like Dubai, Paris etc. All our family friends used to call me an idiot for choosing to struggle than handling and learning business from my father and taking up the responsibility of pushing company up to touch more landmarks and successes. But I had decided that I have to carve out my own way rather than giving myself to a father with whom I only shared strained relationship for almost a decade.

              I had joined MCA after completing my B.Com. with average marks. I had understood that accounts and finance isn't my thing after doing B.Com. even though my father was a champion in it. I had often seen my father on news channels talking related to businesses, finance, stock market etc. It made me proud of him but I never expressed the way I used to. That urged me to try learning the same in graduation and be a BETTER HIM but seeing myself struggling with every small and big subjects, I understood that Finance wasn't for me. I had seen few of my friends developing applications and games all by themselves and I thought of getting into IT. Therefore, I joined MCA even though my father insisted me to do another graduation in Computer, take up a job for an year or so and then join the Masters but I was adamant. 

              5 semesters passed successfully. I was enough confident all the time that whenever companies would come in my college, I would definitely get placed because of my personality. I had inherited all the great traits from my father and looked as perfect as him. Many girls wanted to get hitched with me but I had my distance maintained. I never liked indulging in such activities because until and unless my heart do not commit for a long-lasting relationship, I do not want myself to get into any casual affair as such. My father had planned many things for me right from education to business to marriage but I broke all his dreams by choosing unpredictable
road. So by the time 5th semester ended and I found myself unplaced, I started feeling too inferior to even look into my eyes with same intensity and belief. I was broken. 

            My father knew everything about my regular failures at interviews. He even offered me to join his firm but I asked him for at least 2 years to let me try every way to create myself. He obliged. He never participated in any arguments with me because he knew that somewhere I hated him for giving my mother a painful life for almost first 12-13 years of marriage until I debarred him. Even my mother requested enough times to agree to my father's offer but I told her not to worry. The relation between my parents had improved since then and they often talked with each other and I also saw them sleeping in each other's arms several times. But I do not know why an angst in me didn't let me forgive my father even when I wanted to love him and make him feel world's best dad but I was punishing him for I do not know what. At the same time, I was also feeling guilty of not listening to him and directly doing Masters in Computer without a Bachelor degree in the same. 

              One morning, I woke up to stay at home all day as I didn't have any scheduled interview. It was already first week of March and I was having no company in my hands. Only 5 pupils in my class remained unplaced among 80 of us. It was very humiliating but then that was my fate. It was the last chance given to me by the teachers and I had decided that after 2 days, I shall get an offer letter signed by my father's company and show it in college. I had an amazing breakfast prepared by my mother. I went to my bedroom, turned on my laptop, logged into my Gmail and found an interview call-letter scheduled for the same afternoon. I got ready in my formals and ran towards Colaba for the scheduled interview. I saw 7 more people sitting in the line. I got nervous once again. I even found my legs shivering. It was the last chance and I didn't want to fail this time. 

              Out of all the candidates sitting, I liked a girl a lot. It was the first time when I wanted to approach a girl and strike a conversation. You can say it was kind of love-at-first-sight. But then I had to get back to revising the basic terms in IT that is asked in almost every interview. Finally I was called in after 4 boys. My interview went for 45 minutes where I was attacked with many logical and technical questions but being proficient in them, I managed to solve many puzzles put in front of me. I was asked to wait for an HR interview. I cleared even that with ease. The person got very impressed knowing that son of India's one of the top businessmen is trying to carve his own way in life. After making me wait for almost 2 hours, I was given an OFFER LETTER at 7 PM in evening. I couldn't believe that I was placed in this company which was interested in giving chance to Freshers though being a new and small-scale firm. Well, 90% of IT firms are small-scale only. 

             Dying in Mumbai's crowd, I reached home by local train. I ran towards my mom and placed Offer Letter in her hands and touched her feet. She smiled seeing my happiness and brought sweets and fed me with her hands. She said she had already brought it once I left home as she was confident about my success. I hugged her and told her how much I love her. My father came by 10 PM which was his usual time because of his workaholic attitude. I didn't share the happiness with him. In fact, my mother told him about me while we were having dinner. He stood up and asked me to hug him. Some how, heartlessly and undesirably, I hugged him. The warmth that I felt after so many years made me emotional but I pulled myself back within 3 seconds and touched his feet and went back to complete my dinner. I do not know why but I wanted to show him that I was superior than him. Therefore I wanted to build a career on my own and earn more than him and tell him that he didn't need to humiliate his better half just because world outside called him a Star. 




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