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Ashwati Menon: "I knew it was not a usual book" (Interview)!!!

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 Ashwati Menon has proved it with her first full-fledged novel that she is not going to chose ordinary stories to create her reader-base. She is ready to face challenges by writing on topics that aren't easy to discuss about. Do read the interview to know how she manages to pick up such topics for her writings.

1. How has been life after releasing your first story- DRENCHED SOULS?

A: It has been real fast. I was on the verge of completion of Scarred and that was the time when I contacted Gargi Publishers regarding the same. Then everything was decided and fixed and Scarred came into existence from a raw manuscript to a book.  It all happened – juggling book and office is real roller-coaster but enjoyable. Drenched Souls had my one story : Hale & Heartily, Yours Forever which even surprises me because Romance is just not my genre and Scarred for Life, Healed Forever is more inclined towards science.

2. Tell us something about your latest novel- Scarred for life, healed forever?

A: Scarred for Life, Healed Forever is extraordinary story about an ordinary girl. There are various aspects of Medical Science in it. But the main point that I wish to get across is that one’s mind is the biggest enemy that one has.  There is no problem on the outside; it’s all inside and it’s the inner demons that you need to fight with. That is what the protagonist fights all the time. The struggle is all about controlling one’s mind, thoughts and actions and once you can do it – you are the happiest person.

3. How hard was it to finally decide to pen an unusual story like this? Didn’t you feel nervous or doubtful that readers won’t accept a story based on this plot?

A: When I started writing Scarred, I knew it was not a usual book and I also knew it was not ordinary. I was nervous that I might not get enough backing with the theory I was working on.  That’s why a lot of research and discussions went into formulating what I was trying to create. Of course there were doubts whether people would accept or not but you can’t limit yourself due to these inhibitions.

4. Have you seen a real case in your life like Nishtha’s (protagonist)?

A: Oh Yes!  Not to the extreme end as in the book. That situation comes at a later stage. But yes, I know many people who have had such experiences and that gave me the confidence on the subject matter. I knew this was not just a fantasy tale I was weaving and the research and the live cases helped me to gain my confidence regarding the story.

5. How has been your association working with Gargi Publishers and Pulkit Gupta?

A: Might I say Fantastic! Pulkit and the team at Gargi Publishers are professional and the work that they have done is exemplary.  Here is where I don’t have enough words but all I can say is that as an upcoming Publishing House, they are brilliant on what they are doing and Pulkit is a great human. The experience has been really good working with them.

6. How was your experience at World Book Fair?

A: It was the first time that I ever attended New Delhi World Book Fair and I was really surprised that we do have people who really love to read and it’s a reader’s paradise. Every kind of book that is there to read is there in the World Book Fair and crowd from different countries too throng here. I am glad that I made it to the World Book Fair and I’m really happy that I could interact with people. Author’s Corner was amazing and gave a broader platform to meet new people and make new friends. 

7. Is being on Social Networking helping you get in touch with your readers and knowing their expectations from you?

A: Very much. I also came to know of many people who faced similar situations as in the book and I am super happy to know that they could relate to Nishtha’s story. Social Media definitely helped to get across to many readers and friends from the same fraternity. It was a real boon for interaction.

8. What is your next work based upon?

A: Right now I am working on a story based on Honor Killing. It is a big problem that our society still faces and it’s an open secret. It is there in the society but nobody speaks of. I don’t know why again I picked a different theme but this one I am enjoying scripting down. Let us see how it turns out.

9. Any words for your readers who have picked both of your works?

A: Of course their opinion matters the most.  I really hope that they like the books and they get the flavour of difference. In Drenched Souls, it is ethereal love story and more child-like and Scarred for Life, Healed Forever is little serious, scientific and romantic – all clubbed in one. I would ask them to keep reading and have lots of books in life; they are the best friends you can have. 

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