24 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy 42nd Birthday to SACHIN TENDULKAR!!!

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             I still remember those days when media used to compel Sachin Tendulkar to take retirement and I would get scared whenever the BREAKING NEWS flashed. I just didn't want Sachin to leave Cricket just like that in middle of what you can say, finding the next level of greatness in his Cricket. In his span of 24 years of Cricket, every time every one thought that Sachin had had enough, he proved them wrong by proving his consistency and superiority by breaking and creating records. In his last stage of good cricket which you can say till 2011 World Cup, every time he entered Cricket field, one or the another record either became a history or his own record kept bettering. That's how he fledged himself into a player who had no stop and halts. He knew only one thing- his job of scoring runs. 

             I still have 3 of his innings in my cell phone which helps me find my confidence and energy back whenever I feel low.

1. 200* against South Africa
2. 175 against Australia in 2nd innings though we lost that match
3. 74 runs in his last test match against West Indies

           This is what Sachin gave us. His innings are not only performances but it instill the lost and given away lives in our life. The way he brought our team out of the losing situations tells a lot about the character and mentality this man has. Even today when we see him sitting in the dug-out of Mumbai Indians in IPL, we know that he isn't happy how his team is playing. We know that he realizes he had lot more in himself to give and perform but.... Alas! The decision has been taken. But some where the era had to end. And it was perfectly timed as he wasn't doing very well and all the average and wonderful consistency that he had maintained all these years were getting sabotaged. He left Cricket when Indian team desired and depserately wanted youngsters to lead and perform. And we saw the result of this in 2015 World Cup where our youngsters really performed as defending champions even when 90% of them didn't play in 2011 World Cup when we brought the title home.

          Whenever India team plays, billions of people remember Sachin at least once whenever openers enter the ground or our team is in difficulty. Whenever Kohli gets out, people realize these days that the match has been lost. But then suddenly our subconscious mind says "Abhi Sachin hai na" but then we realize "Nahi yaar.. Sachin nahi khel raha ab" and we change the channel stamping the feat of the match then and there itself. We remembered Sachin the most when we were struggling against Australia in Semi-finals as we knew that if he would have been there, we could have won this match as no one has better experience than Sachin against a team which India always fears playing.

             I still remember the day when India Today invited me as its Online Reporter when it did a wonderful conclave before your retirement at Hotel Trident, Mumbai named "SALAAM SACHIN". The great Indian cricket team captains where speaking so highly about you that it made many of us feel how great you were even as a colleague. I met your brother, Ajit Tendulkar, who developed you. I met your wife, Anjali Tendulkar, who contributed so much in your Cricketing life. But I was expecting a surprise that you would enter suddenly and shock everyone of us in the conclave though I knew that's not going to happen. But that day is still fresh in my mind as I was so close to the people who are very cloe to you. That's the closest I have ever come to you, a person whom I consider an idol. :-)

            Today, the Master Blaster turns 42 years old and we can only wish to see him playing once again. We know it's not going to happen and every time India will play a series, an emotional part of our heart will weep in remembrance of the moments Sachin gave us on the field. We love you, Sachin tendular and we miss you a lot. 

           Thanks for being a wonderful institution even without saying and preaching much. That's why we consider you GOD!!!


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