27 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Ishq Ke Parindey: Save yourself from this sweetness! ½

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   Ishq ke Parindey: I am even surprised by myself that I have actually watched this movie. I don't even think that except people working in cinema halls, anyone would be knowing that a movie with this name is out. These days I try to watch every small and big movies because of which I ended up watching even this. How many times will our Bollywood make the same thing yet again and again? How many times will our Bollywood base stories on an Indian's and Muslim's love tale? The era of such movies have ended somewhere in early 1990s but our great Hindi film industry continued it till 2000s. But something releasing of the same old-age plot in 2015 is a wonder. 

        The director has been assistant to Subhash Ghai in 3 movies but he has forgotten that he is making one for the audience of 2015 and not the one for whom Ghai used to make. Even Ghai's Kaanchi was one of the silliest movies that released last year. Too much sweetness have killed this movie. We know that such love tales do not exist in today's world hence anything in this movie doesn't let you relate with it. The actors have acted as if it's a daily soap. There's nothing attractive in their acting. Even the actions used in the movie are so old and outdated. 

        A Pakistani Muslim girl comes to India and meets an Indian Muslim boy. Boy instantly falls in love but it takes time for the girl to fall in love with him. Once both are in love, she comes to know that the boy's family is kind of gangsters and they are ready to take violence very easily. She decides that she will have to distance herself from the boy before she gets into a family which believes in violence so much. And once they decide to come together, they have to start living and running like a refuge. Well, that's the primary plot of this movie on which such a stupid and silly thing has been made upon. I can only say for this movie: Either save yourself from a horrific plot or if you have survived it by any chance, die of conscious acting from both the lead protagonists. 1/2 star out of 5. 



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