21 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: HUNTERRR: Different but Disappointing! **½

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     I never thought that one day I would be watching Hunterrr considering the genre in which it lies but my friends continuously talked about it and made me feel that I'm losing something. Hunterrr was part of their conversation not once but many a times and I found myself an odd person between them. Finally I got the time today and I watched it alone, as my friends warned me. Adult Sex Comedy is a genre which is so sexist that sometimes you want to personally abuse the actors and makers for objectifying women to core. But I am happy that Hunterrr is differently made which doesn't let you feel offensive or embarrassed at any point of time. In fact, it makes you laugh and also connect with the characters at times.

               Harshavardhan Kulkarni has directed well and assured that there's nothing which could create controversy for this movie. He makes us pity the character of Mandar even when we know he only needs sex from women and isn't looking for commitment. It isn't easy to write a script in this form where such a character can also be pitied by the audiences at times. The way he has used every character is what makes this movie different from other adult sex comedies. The first half of the movie is mind-blowing. The childhood and teenage parts are hilarious and real. 

            The best part about the movie is its actor, main protagonist, Gulshan Devaiah. His acting is so superb and perfect that you associate yourself with him every time he goes for pitching to a new lady. Haha! His eyes, his body language, his dialogue delivery- with everything he justified his character of someone who can't control his urge for having sex. Along with him, Radhika Apte is another mind-blowing actor who filled the movie screen with charm. Sai Tamhankar has also acted perfectly by showing pain and incompleteness in her eyes in almost every frame. She also looks sexy in her housewife avatar. All the other actors have also played their part nicely which makes you believe in this movie from start to end.

           The biggest problem of the movie is continuous shuffle in the timeline of the protagonist's life. Film switches to any year of his life and it confuses you after a point of time. Next, it first half, the hitting thing with every new target seemed entertaining but continuation of the same in second half ruins the movie which is the biggest blunder that the director have committed. Then, though the movie wants you to think about the character psychologically, I was disappointed that it isn't even much insightful in the end. It ends quite normally which you didn't want this movie to. We wanted and expected a better end but it comes out as a disappointment. But still, Hunterrr is very differently made but unfortunately dominated by its destructive minuses. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5. 



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