30 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: MARGARITA WITH A STRAW: Ordinary yet Extra-ordinary! ***½

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      Finally, I got to watch Margarita with a Straw today. I always wanted to watch this movie since I got to learn its plot. But I never assumed that it would portray the theme of a disabled human being so well. It's really fresh, new and something that would not let you pity any such person in future. The movie turns out to be extra-ordinary just because it represents a very ordinary story of a very ordinary girl in a very ordinary way. Shonali Bose have made a movie after almost 10 years and what a comeback this is! Bollywood have forgotten to present any movie which is out of the box but Shonali has proved it so wonderfully by picking up a plot that has already been used in Bollywood since a long time. 
            MWAS is a movie about Laila who is suffering with cerebral palsy but does not sympathizes with her condition. She is like just another college going girl who has dreams, ambitions and quests. Kalki have put a wonderful show in the role of the protagonist- Laila. Not for once do you identify her as Kalki in the movie. The way she have emotionally and integrally accepted this role definitely shows on the screen. Each smile, frown and emotion is displayed so impressively that Kalki actually looks like the character she is playing. This is one of the best movies where you'll find a female lead empowering the movie single-handed. 

              Kalki's mother's role played by Revathi is another impressive character in the movie. She plays a very supportive mother who does not make her daughter feel that she is different at any point of time. Not even when she reveals that she is bisexual. Though she gets confused but she does not let her daughter feel guilty about herself. Revathi's performance is another class in this movie. Sayani Gupta playing Khannum, lover of Laila, is the surprise package in this movie. She is as wonderful and beyond excellent as Kalki. She is playing a blind character and how perfect she is! Every frame in which Kalki and Sayani are together makes it difficult for you to judge who's better. Both have performed better than each other. Along with these 3 actors, all the other supporting actors have also performed very well. Flawless!

            But there are only 2 drawbacks that I have been able to identify while watching MWAS:- 1. Background music. It's too low for a movie of this level. A good music and songs could have made this movie more powerful and cinematic. 2. Climax. The movie has ended like just another Bollywood movie with a dramatic one. That's not how I wished this movie to end. It needed a better and terrific ending than the one director have given us. But leaving these two points, this movie needs to be watched for its innocence and dynamics. And especially for Kalki and Sayani's performance. Beautiful! I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



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