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Review: Ek Paheli Leela: As always, only for Sunny Leone's fans! **

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       This is the 2nd movie of Sunny Leone that I gutted to watch, first being Ragini MMS 2. Ek Paheli Leela's poster and trailers- both weren't attractive to make the audiences reach theater and enjoy the movie but its songs worked in its favor because of which it got some highlight among many good movies releasing these days. Bobby Khan is the director and you can say that he was quite confused with the story and execution. Films are generally made in one layers. Suppose even if the movie is based on the theme of reincarnation, still the plot gets divided into 2 segments. Unfortunately, EPL is made in 3-layers. Reincarnations are generally portrayed in our Bollywood movies coming at the interval of 4 decades so that revenge can be taken against the generation who were the reason for their death in that birth. This movie goes 300 years back. That's a funny surprise in itself. And climax, though quite different, but makes you laugh on what actually was director wanting us to believe in since beginning.

           EPL is all about Sunny Leone as it will always be whenever any movie would be starring the actress. I do not know how does she manage to get a movie when she is actually made up for item songs like Baby Doll, Chaar bottle vodka and all the cool songs of EPL. One good news is that Sunny Leone has bettered her accent and also acting skills. Though there are many flaws but still, in some scenes, she was quite impressive. Also her dance skills are beautifully executed in this movie because of which every song remains in your mind even when you leave theater. All the intimate scenes that are a part of this movie are defining why Leone is such a big porn star. She does it like no other actress have ever managed to and that's her specialty. Isn't it? :-) In all, I would say Sunny Leone is average in this movie but definitely not bad.

          Director, it seems, wanted to show us how a single woman is capable of winning attention against 5 pumped-up men- Jay Bhanushali, Dev, Duggal, Ahlawat, Arora. Out of the 5 men, Jay Bhanushali is the most impressive with his acting. 2nd best is Mohit Ahlawat who looks quite different than his RGV days. The movie is quite confusing initially and then becomes boring while it enters in its second half. But because director have made it like a big Bollywood movie using all the elements, you can manage to stay till the end. BUT the fillers by VJ Andy and comedian Ehsaan Qureshi is meant for comedy and entertainment but they aren't funny at all. They irritate like anything. Similarly, songs are good but 9 songs in a movie only adds unwanted minutes and interruption in the story line. Climax is definitely different but nothing out of the box for which I should suggest you to watch the movie. If you are Sunny Leone's fan, go for it. I give the movie 2 stars out of 5.



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