9 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Get Back To Your Old Habits For Cure :-)

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             Life is a collective result of what we do in pieces of our days' moments. Sometimes, we bring so many changes in our lifestyle that we forget what we used to do earlier in our leisure times or lonely times. The new adventures in life makes us forget our regimen and adopt a new one which does not have that soul which our existing life had. Today we live only keeping our responsibilities in mind. Even if someone gets some free time, rather than indulging in the things that makes one happier, the person starts calculating the amount of money already saved and how much more needed to save himself from the volcano called income tax. Otherwise, if one haven't reached up to that state, the only tension is if the person will get a job or not, or will his parents agree for the love marriage, or will he get shortlisted for the government job he appeared in recently. 

          Sometimes, life can be refreshed and made as lively and positive as before by getting back to our old habits. It not only creates nostalgia but brings us back to ourselves. We find our old self who wasn't frightened of big things and never even thought about the small ones. We find the part of us which always had only positivism and a will to do something great tomorrow to make our life more entertaining. We again start feeling young and child. We start loving our old friends again as those habits make us remember the people with whom we performed those tasks. Some times, the events which we had long forgotten comes back to make us smile remembering all those pleasing days and moments.

           I had switched to Lumia and gave my Nokia E63 to my mother an year ago. Last night, I felt like checking if my new phone has FM Radio or not. Unfortunately, the radio that Lumia has doesn't have our country in the list. I got up from my bed half sleepy, searched for headphone, picked my mother's Nokia E63 which used to be mine and turned on the radio. The romantic songs along with some very beautiful talks by Radio Jockey began and I lost myself in that soulful moment. The songs that I had stopped listening were been played and I was remembering my days in Graduation when I would often play radio and enjoy the randomness of music and interaction of radio jockeys. Quite of my verbal communication and public skills have improved acquiring the oratory skills of these jockeys and anchors. 

          Similarly, I and my friends had a wonderful afternoon at Barbeque Nation in Navi Mumbai as we were celebrating our successful result of 5th semester. It was already 4 and we decided to visit Central Park and enjoy our evening. Getting there, we saw 3 small children playing Cricket which even bored them as no wicket keeper was making their batsman himself run for ball each time he missed hitting. We went to them and requested if we can join them. They agreed. And we played a good game of 2 hours at least till it wasn't dark. The children were enjoying seeing us- guys in 20s fighting for each run and wicket. We got our childhood back for those 2 hours and we ended talking about how all of us enjoyed playing Cricket in school times when we didn't have these tensions of internship, projects and scoring marks. 

            Since few of such incidents took place and I got back to little bit of my previous life, I have started getting back to many such old habits as I am finding few lighter moments in this life full of pressure. Now I try to bat 2-3 balls each time I see children in my society play Cricket. I have planned to sleep with radio on in the headphones even tonight. Similarly today when I was tweeting about the first IPL match, I remembered all those days in Graduation when I used to tweet and be happy with my online friends. I was popular in my circle on Twitter for the abuses I used to hurl at my team players once they lost the match. Haha! For once, pick up a diary, my friends, and list down all those small habits that made you feel happy and delighted in your previous life which wasn't full of challenges. Then start getting back to these old habits and I assure you that you will start living life with more pragmatism and enthusiasm. :-)



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