9 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The Story of Facebook by Sara Gilbert (Book Review) !!!

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          I remember the time when I used to read books of 30-100 pages in childhood which used to give me general knowledge and ideas about current affairs. My parents used to buy it for me so that I would always be the most knowledgeable child in my colony. And it really worked then. And it helped me in the long-term. Even today while writing Blogs/Articles, those knowledge helped me. Hence I always get attracted towards Children's books. I feel that there's nothing more knowledgeable than them. Hence I put my hands on 3 Children's book which I would be reviewing one after another starting from this post. I have just completed reading 65-pages book named "The Story of facebook" by Sara Gilbert. This book comes under "Jaico Young Readers Series". They have released 6 books till now. I would be reading all of them very soon.

          This book tells in short about how Facebook got established after Mark Zuckerberg committed himself to a website which he opened just for the sake of interaction among the mates of his college. And it grew to a level where today, it is having almost every youngster's account. Book is written in a simple language so that children can understand it. It is the best book for children up to 10 years of age. Book has images, quotes, statements by employees and people concerned with facebook etc which makes it interesting. Book is printed in big fonts which makes it interesting for a child to read as he gets to turn the pages within a minute. :-) 
             Book briefly tells how each and every feature in Facebook came time to time. Its almost a Timeline for the people who want to know how Facebook developed. I liked the parts which told how Mark Z accepted criticisms positively and also replied to his users through the medium. It tells how he remained adamant on not selling Facebook to any organization. I liked how Mark Z started inviting investors, advertisers, software developers etc to let his dreams fly even when he saw down many a times in the process of building Facebook. In all I would say that this is a very good book to gift it to your child but make sure that he does not become a Facebook addict after reading this. :-) 


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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Ahahah..Nice one Abhi..but Almost every in this world Is addicted to FACEBOOK.. :) I guess i must read this book to...Thank you abhi.. :) God Bless You..Shri Sai Ram.. :)

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