13 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Lootera- Classic of our era. As Pure as Love :-)

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   I am done watching the latest flick, Lootera. A movie whose trailer didn't attract me to an extent that I would shelve out my money in theater. :-) But at last I found myself in theater today after hearing a lot about the movie being like a surreal painting which keeps you intriguing and does not let you move your eyes from it. And after watching it, I can say that all the word of mouth for the movie is absolutely correct. I am the person who does not understand the movie which comes with too much of confusing twists and turns. A movie should be simple where I don't have to spend much of my brain in understanding what actually happened and what's going to happen. Hence, movies like Lootera wins my heart with their simplicity and yet, a story which makes you weep in the end. 

              Amit Trivedi already gave a reason to everyone in monsoon to pass their time with- as soon as the album of the movie got released. Almost all the songs are my favorites. And even during the movies, the video does pure justice with the good music. Amit Trivedi is definitely someone whom we can compare to A. R. Rehman. He is almost giving inspirational music. Coming to the movie, I would say right from the beginning to the end, director, never for a single moment, went off the track or his move-making style. He remained adamant to the speed with which we wanted the movie to progress. I know the movie is not going to earn much but I can definitely say that its better than many 100 crore movies. All the locations where the movie is being shot are spectacular. Even a love-making scene that is being shown between the lead actors is so pure that it makes you go into a different world.

              Film is based in Bengal hence, you can find the similar flavor throughout. Writer of the movie has done very good job as there's not much in the movie still screen play is written so perfectly that movie didn't bore me at any moment. The back ground score just before the interval with the wonderful succession in the story of the movie is the best scene for me. The initial romantic segments between Sonakshi and Ranveer is wonderful. The supporting actor with Ranveer does a very good job. Sonakshi looks extremely beautiful in the first half of the movie while what the obsession of love and effect of loss does to her in the second half can be better understood when she stops applying make-up. She is definitely one powerful actress we have with her whom we can watch as many times. I always had a complain that Sonakshi Sinha, not even in a single movie, has done the hardcore work that I want to see and all the complains with this movie has gone away. Now, I am a fan. 

             Ranveer Singh looks good in the movie but the problem is his voice. There's something which makes it hard for the audience to understand what he speaks. A director or two will have to work very hard with him to remove this glitch from his personality as an actor. Because if this shall continue further, he may not get as successful as he can be. The climax of the movie is yet another beautiful piece. The way the "leaf" part is connected with the painting part of 1st half and the claim that Ranveer keeps making that "One day he'll paint a masterpiece that world will never forget" makes me weep. This movie is as beautiful as Barfi for me and I think I will never watch movie with a person who'll say that Lootera wasn't one of the classic movies of this era. :-) I would definitely give a thumbs up to the movie and will ask all of you to watch it once even when I am sure that Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is another masterpiece that's running in the theater currently. I may be watching it very soon. But for now, please give the respect that movie like Lootera deserves. Watch it in theater.



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Ritu KT said...

Your review made me feel sad about not being in India and missing out on the good Hindi flicks (finally) coming out! I have read really good reviews of Bhaag Mikha Bhaag too, I'm missing out on so many things :(

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