13 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Ramzaan Mubarak Bas Duaa Mein Yaad Rakhna!!!

891st BLOG POST -->>

          Finally, we are in 90s once again. 9 more blogs and we would be witnessing 900th Blog Post on this portal that has always been of people than just being of mine. :-) I couldn't write much from last 2-3 days though I had so much in mind because mind got diverted to someone for whom this heart keeps craving for. But nothing can stop this Blog, right? I come back to this because this is my only home and Subah ka bhoola shaam ko ghar ko aa hi jaata hai. :-) 

           3 days back, it was 10th July and I have some memories of this day and the 6 months that came as result because of the event that took place on this day of my life in the year 2006, yes, 6 years back. :-) Some memories just stay as fresh as they were when the episode happened. I shifted to Pune on this very day for my Junior college studies which resulted into a life-changing traumatic event of my life. I don't generally talk about it because that's the most bitter experience that one can get in life and that too, at an age of 16. I was a teenager and I was made spectator of what one can call the worst events that are the consequences of casteism, brutality, extremism, regionalism, religional-ism etc. I learnt a lot during that phase of my life and today anything that happens with me seems to be so minute. I was been subjected to what one can call- thrashing, beating, almost killing, torturing etc. I am out of that prison, hell and an endless poison that I was made to consume.

           Today, I tell my parents very bluntly that I will never let anyone enforce any values over me which I think are not perfect or suitable to me and even if its them. They feel bad but I have no other option because it was a collaborative decision to send me in a college that was less of an educational institute but more of a place that taught about how Muslims and Hindus can never come together and why one should never ever try to bring them closer. Hence, now I feel that when I am out of that zone all by myself, I shouldn't let anyone else write my life with their thoughts. Lets stop talking about the bad experiences I had there because I want to talk about one mega-event that I witnessed getting celebrated there as if there's no tomorrow. It taught me how can one be enough passionate, devoting, crazy and in love for something. I saw Muslims celebrating Eid for the first time in life. What a grandeur environment and aroma they created. I always wish to see Ramzan being celebrated there but I don't go because present life is too wonderful to get back to the life that gave me nothing but pain- physically and mentally.

          The whole college was being decorated with tents and carpets. For the whole day it used to be full of caterers who kept on giving final touch to the fruits, non-veg dishes and eateries that Muslim eats just after the sunset and keep on taking light diets till sunrise when they again eat with all their potential to fight next many hours without even a drop of water. In the evening, the whole college used to get lit up and all the Muslims after reading their Namaaz that is scheduled accordingly with the sunset used to gather up to eat fruit salads, kababs, tandooris, fried chicken, Chinese, Italian etc. Biryanis used to conquer most of them while my favorite was Seekh Kabab. I loved eating it and I have never ever got it after leaving Pune. Chicken Kheema was again another favorite that I used to eat with my Muslim friends there. That was the only period when I was kept away from any kind of torture because that's the month when Muslim tries to be at their very best expecting Allah to forgive them for all the sins committed before. The same way as Hindus dip themselves in River Ganga. All in the name of religion!

          This year, Ramzan has just begun and 30 days of test for Muslims has started. I have wished all of them so that they devote themselves to purity but still I wish that none of them goes extreme to impress God. Because God is forgiver and even if human does not ask for, he forgives us otherwise Earth would have exploded by now. God is giving us some trailers but its fine. Be good personally and God will nurture you for all life. I wish all my Muslim readers Ramzaan Mubarak. Hope you eat a lot and then control a lot. Hope you pray a lot. Hope you get all that you have always wished for and what's right for you. Just a request to all of you- "Duaa mein yaad rakhna". :-) 



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Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

I just shifted to pune for college :O
please tell me what happened. I am very scared now

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