20 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Record The Best Moments of your Life!!!

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    Right now, I watched the interview of Rishi Kapoor on the most renowned show, The Newshour, on Times Now, with The Great Arnab Goswami. I never knew that Rishi Kapoor is such a loud personality but I loved the interview more than anything else that was coming on the television channels at the same time. He was not ready to hear any false appreciation or unsaid facts like he is still a superstar. He was very adamant that his era has gone and now what he is doing is to keep the actor alive in him because the days of Stardom has gone long back. Arnab asked him at what age did he start accepting Father's role etc and he says,"48" to which Arnab replied,"And do you know what today's actors at the age of 48 are pulling off?" Rishi Kapoor clearly said that he wanted to move out of the stardom era himself rather than audiences dragging him out of it and giving a reality check. In all, one of the best interviews I have seen of the actors who are of the gone-generation. And yes, he didn't let Arnab dominate him. Respect!

            But as all of you would have known by now that whenever I watch/read something, I does not describe it in the first paragraph to tell how good I report events but because I get an extract for the blog from that stuff. :-) Once again while watching this interview, something impressed and urged me to share with all of you. While Arnab was asking questions to Rishi Kapoor and discussing movies and some events, Rishi Kapoor used to tell him the year when it happened. For Bobby, he told him that it was 1972. The time when he decided to do father's role, it was 1998. The moment he feels that he started trying new adventures in acting in his 2nd innings, he said its 4 years back by correcting Arnab when he said 5. Rishi Kapoor is accurate with all the years that has come over in his life and he says that he respects his life and is grateful that he is still getting job. Even though he is born with a silver spoon, he still loves the development of his life otherwise people take it for granted. 

            In the similar way, the gemologist in whom I believe, remembers the name of every person who shows his/her palm to him. I asked him once that how does he remember all the name and he said that he loves changing lives of people and hence he has started loving human beings passionately. He says that he sees humans differently and not like all of us. Hence, he says that he adores remembering name of every human being who comes to him in the times of turbulence and pain. He says that he keeps recalling the hands of all the people continuously which helps him to even remember the palms of people with their names and if he sees someone's hand even once, he can, for next 5 years, tell over phone to the person what he told about him/her. Incredible! 

            This is what even I love doing in my life. There are certain turns in our life that changes it completely and give us a totally new perspective towards living. Some times, its just a moment or a day. I always remember such moments and dates. I love associating my life with the great moment that once happened with me and thus I never feel bad about my present. Because I know that exactly an year ago certain good things were happening with me which made me say continuously that never in future will I cry for anything that'll happen to me. And that automatically makes thing easier for me today. Like, I remember the day when I got my 10th, 12th, Graduation's each semester's results, CET results, the day I started attending Graduation's and Post-graduation's classes, the days when I posted my last 8 centurion blog posts etc. This makes me feel good about my life. Even now, I know that on 21st July(that's coming tomorrow), 4 years ago, I went to Pune to get admission in Graduation. This keeps my spirit high. :-)

            And this happens only when we record things in a diary or a book or in our phone's reminder or its Note section. And mind you, you will never record any of the depressing days or moments in it. Because we have to leave the bad past behind and only take the good moments further. I don't remember the dates when I was being thrashed and brutalized once in life or the day when I was being punished by the Librarian of the college which fainted me and changed my perspective towards the whole caste and religion system of the world. I seriously don't remember them and I, actually, don't want to. Because if those days will come again in life, I'll beg God to liberalize me from such clutches and now when I am off from such traps, why should I remember the periods when I was a victim of it? Isn't it? Hence, even if you have missed some good dates or years of your life till now, no problem, you can start noting down from today. And only note days of those events where the conclusion is permanent. :-) Baat gehri hai, samajhiye khud hi. Sub kuch main hi samjha dunga toh aap log sote hi reh jayenge. :-) 



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