11 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The Story of Nike by Aaron Frisch (Book Review)!!!

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            After writing about The Story of facebook and The Story of amazon.com, I don't have any unique way to write about "The story of Nike", the 3rd book that I have read in Jaico Young Reeders Series. This book is as much good as the first two and give main landmarks in the progress of the NIKE, a company that just got open as an interest and later went on signing Sports Superstar who were made to wear Nike produced Sportswear and shoes. Though the company saw loss for some time, but later on it went to compete with the companies like Adidas and Reebok. I liked reading about how NIKE kept on signing super powerful athletes and the way they created brands on the name of specific Superstars which made them rise higher in market.

          I also liked how they went on uniquely designing their shoes by making it spongy etc and thus giving the players and sportsmen a special feeling. Many athletes went on publicly claiming that they win because of the customized product that Nike provides them. In all, this book is yet another 65 pages of description of how Nike went on becoming the Creative and Successful company it is and why people trust it so much. This book can also be purchased for your school kid. He/she will love to tell his friends about the success story of this adventure. :-)



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