30 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Series- 901st......

901st BLOG POST -->>

  Thanks to all of you for favoring me with lots of love once again. It has been always a tremendous response from my readers whenever I have touched a landmark such as of this. 9th Century over here has been a magnificent journey. The amount of growth that I have seen in me as a writer and blogger is vast. I am still enjoying this space because I know there's lots of improvement still left. The day I'll feel that I write perfect now and I can mold any feelings into words, I would come across with something special. Yes, Blog is in itself special for me but something more to this would be done. I am quite positive about my Blog because its not only my work anymore. With time, I have realized the amount of energy and passion some of you are putting into this. The way my 900th Blog's link has been shared on several individuals' profiles is surprising. I never knew that so many people wait for my work to come online. Hope I keep satisfying all of you.

           Last century has been more of Book reviews than what my blog is mostly read for. I still came up with few posts and I am happy that they created an effect which shall remain with some of you for your life and change you positively, if those posts are really written in a better manner. I'm little satisfied as I attempted a fiction blog post finally though it didn't click; but because it was a long time since I wrote anything of this sort, I am happy that I at last came up with something for which once my blog was known for. Actually it has been such a long journey till now that it has to be segmented in small parts and then I find that I have given so many flavors to this space just to keep my audience interested. Many have also left me in this journey but jaane waale ko kaun rok sakta hai.. :-) 

          Now that my Blog has become what I wanted to make it, I would like to give some more people chance to write on this medium and make themselves heard if they really want to or else, I am happy to be leading and following this space alone. :-) Because I always looked forward to having at least a decent number of readers for my writings and now when I feel that I have certain loyal readers, I want to give them a chance to read some other people too who do wonderful work in this field and also want these people to get yet another platform to show people how good they are. I hope what I am going to try will work. I am trying to give an opportunity to both the parties being a medium. Hope, I as medium, do well. From here, a new series of posts is starting which will take us to another landmark- 1000 BLOG POSTS, something that I have kept my eyes upon from last 4 years. I am really looking forward to it. Don't worry, there won't be much of book reviews this time.

 Thanks a lot.


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Anonymous said...

All the best buddy. Keep scaling greater heights. You're directly or indirectly motivating many others through your blog, which is an exemplary deed. Keep rocking.

Abhisek Rai Akrant

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

All the best Abhi.. Looking forward for it.. Way to Go Abhi.. Tc God Bless You.. Shri Sai Ram.. :)

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