11 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Tryst with Shirdi Ke Sai Baba!!!

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At Shirdi
  My family has always been one of those who have believed in saving money for retirement. I know its necessary but I don't understand why a human being who gets life for once waste his youth and energy in misery and "little" for the time when he knows he would be unable to enjoy the hard-earned money. I think that I will only know this when I will start earning myself. Ok, let me tell you that I went to Bank 3 days ago  myself to ask for a Pension Plan and was about to sign but then I saw that it wasn't a scheme from my pet bank but was a tie-up with another body whose survival at the time of my retirement was extremely doubtful. :-) So even I have started thinking about my future, my retirement, my old-age, my children, my dream of being an entrepreneur some times later in life etc. Hence I don't blame my parents often for not taking me to trips, traveling, India tour, World tour, dining etc. Because of what we sacrificed in this zone, we have achieved many pleasure that we experience in our day-to-day life which not everyone around us is enjoying. 

At Shirdi
         After lots of year, this was another time when all three of us went out of station together otherwise it has always been Papa-mumma or I and mumma or everyone alone. At this stage, it's not easy to tune my vacation, dad's holiday and mummy's wellness together to plan an event. It has always been according to each person's priority and hence, everyone had to compromise and travel or enjoy alone. But on 1st July, right on the 1st day of another half of 2013, we headed towards Nashik. Every year since 2010 whenever I noted down my multiple resolutions of the year, I have always vindicated "A tryst with Shirdi ke Sai Baba" at Number one. And only in 2012, I missed meeting Sai Baba because of admission procedure etc but I include all of this as an excuse because Shirdi from my place is just 6 hours which can be traveled and return journey can be executed on the same day. But I had made it sure that I visit Baba every year, no matter what.

River Narmada, Gujarat
    The moment I saw the majestic and magical idol of Sai Baba in Shirdi which seems to be like an active Baba sitting in front of us, unstoppable tears started flowing down my cheeks. I wanted to thank Baba as much as possible for whatever he has given me in life but all the words and religious mantras failed to express what I exactly had to convey. I just kept seeing Sai Baba and crying. It was like a moment which will remain with me all my life. And it seemed as if Sai Baba kept smiling and saying,"Go. There's lot more to come". Once I came out of Shirdi, I realized how stress-free and energetic I turned into. I felt as if I should call everyone and apologize for whatever bad I have done with them. I felt as if all the sins that I have committed should be made the basis of punishing me now itself so that I can live rest of my life with peace and calmness. A visit to the shrine of our favorite God always takes away all the fear and worries from our life. Hence I always ask people around me to visit their God at least once in a year. That's the least we can do for the God who does so much for us. 

Swaminarayan Mandir, Gujarat
        I met my Junior College friends in Nashik who told me about their life and failures. It wasn't a good feeling because none of them are successful at this point of life. But I found it good for some because they were finding a new way to survive in life. I hope God will bless them. Interacting with old friends make you realize how much your own life has changed. It opens our eyes and we realize how far we have come and there's no turning back. We come to know about the people who were once a part of our life are not even remembered now because of no contribution by them in our life's progress. Walking on the same roads, passing through the same theaters where we watched disgusting movies like Himesh's Karzzz, purchasing from the same shops which was our lifeline then, meeting the same pandit in Muktidham Temple which was very close to our house, meeting the gemologist who I feel changed my life etc. is enough for nostalgia to erupt from all directions. 

Neelkantheshwar Mandir, Gujarat
      On 4th July, at 9 AM, we were back to Navi Mumbai, my residence. By 4 PM, we were in Bandra, and at 11 PM, we were in Gujarat. It was wonderful to see 3 different cities within 15 hours. In Gujarat, we landed to a family friend's house who worked with my father for 3 years right after his marriage. My father started his first business with him which failed before it actually started. Haha! Ok Ok Sorry. I know we shouldn't laugh on one's failure. :-) For my parents, it was a beautiful moment while for me, I was meeting two brothers who were my friends when I didn't even understand of what gender I was. :-) They took me to Neelkantheshwar mandir and Swami-narayan mandir. They were quite beautiful and another serene place to bow in front of the almighty and ask whatever our heart desired for. If I'll get what I have requested God to bless me with if I deserve, I would be visiting the mandir once again in life. That's what I have promised myself in life, to visit every temple again where a "duaa" has been asked for and blessed with it too. 

The temple in the compound I was living in
      At last, we left this place- Bharuch and went to Vadodara, at my cousin's place. I know that you all are familiar with my hatred towards relatives but this particular family is an exception. They have always behaved as friends rather than like relatives with me and my parents. Hence it has always been fun in meeting them as there is no formality and fake affection. My cousin loves eating fish and thus he asked my mother to prepare, and both of them indulged in kitchen. The boy himself loves cooking hence even I have thought of toning my skills in this department too. I would be buying Microwave oven for my mother by this Diwali and then, I will be making many stuffs after that. :-) I have decided. And all of you are invited anytime. I know, you are abusing me for my over-confidence ki "Saale ne banaya kuch nahi aur baatein aisi jaise Cooking course kar rakkha ho". :-) I apologize. 

Garden at Swaminarayan Mandir
  The father of my father's cousin sister has written several books in literary Hindi of which I have got many copies from my Buaaji. I loved that there's someone in family who does what I am doing from last 4 years. After I came back to Mumbai that my buaaji came to know that even I have a short story published. She called me and scolded a lot for hiding this from her. Between I thought that she may be knowing about this and second, I don't like to talk about my Blog, books and achievements with people, I don't know why. Now, I have sent her a copy after being accused for lying. Haha! In short, a good traveling and meeting with friends and family has been done for a week which will keep me refreshed for an year at least. Now next target is Water Kingdom by 31st September as they have started their scheme of 50% off on college IDs. :-) Let's see, if its with friends or parents. Because this particular outing can't be done alone. :-) Chalo, its time to go now. Just too happy to achieve another resolution of 2013- visiting Shirdi. Om Sai Ram!!!



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