14 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Whose Happiness to be Prioritized? Mine or Parents'??

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 I am standing on the stage and watching people waiting for me to come up and give them a glance. I am unable to understand as to what are they waiting so much for. I don't have a shining face. My smile can not kill someone from the opposite sex. My voice does not echo like Amitabh Bachchan's. My personality is yet not the same. Then what is it that makes them so mad and crazy for me. I also came to know that people from different city comes to witness me. One day, I shall surely ask one from this mob as to what made him/her come just to see me for a minute and go with lots of memories and pleasure. But for now, what I know is that people want to see me. People want to have me near them. People are passionate and desperate for me. God does not bless everyone with this par-excellence destiny and fate but I am among few. As soon as I was about to walk towards stage crossing the partition that separated me from the visibility of the crowd, the reverie(day-dreaming) ended and I realized I am still to face this dream-kind-of-a-situation. :-)

            But still the questions and answers that I keep facing throughout the day after every incident that I remember or any situation that I create caught me again. I started visualizing the life that I currently have. Is it any less than what I was dreaming? Yes it is but in terms of what I was and what I have become, the life I am living is what I never dreamed that I would be. I knew that I am special like every human being but I didn't know special in what sense. Now I know and I am making most out of it. But whom should I give credit of this that I am. Is all that I am just because of me? Or is it because of a force or a source of inspiration? All that I am belongs to the hard work and out-of-the-box effort of my parents. If they would have not been so passionate about me and my appearances, I would have been just like any other youngster standing in the Mumbai Local train and listening a huge playlist of songs one after another and is ready to kick the ass out of anyone who even tries to be aggressive and attacking. But I am the calmest guy I have ever met. No I am not boasting but I am defining my character periodically in the post. :)

            If today I stand in front of the crowd to tell everyone what I am and what my job is, it is because my parents have made me capable of the job and the position I am in. Otherwise tell me why is not every guy in IIT or IIM? Even with all the talent and capabilities, he/she isn't even able to think up to that level. Because their parents have not imbibed the spirit of dreaming and being what no one around is. My parents always made it sure that whenever I introduce myself to anyone it shouldn't be the usual stuff but something different. Now that's a very different story that I have taught myself to not even tell anyone anything except my academics that what I am primarily doing, rest all is a trial and process which may/may not be what I think it as. 

          My mother is from Hindi medium. Yet to make me fluent in the superior language, English, she purchased a Repidex. She used to read it herself all afternoon. The book had English sentences and then in the Hindi script they taught how it is to be pronounced. My mother used to dictate me the textbooks in the evening and correct my spelling mistakes. She made me learn new words daily and asked me to use it while writing essays. And who asked her to do this? My father. It was his dream too. Both of them wanted their son to be fluent in English but they never thought more than this. Thinking or even imagining that their son would be an author some day was as impossible as Manmohan Singh speaking on any serious issues these days. :-) But now when I have carved a path on my own, shouldn't I give its credit to them? I will definitely have to give all that I'll achieve to them without even being selfish for a single penny that I would be earning through my efforts. 

             My father dreamed to see me as an Engineer, musician and skater. My mother dreamed of seeing me as someone from the highest position of a Corporate House. I have not been able to fulfill any of these dreams but I have particularly carved my own way and have achieved something that's totally different. And even today, 80% of what I have really dreamed about myself is yet to be accomplished. Do I want my parents to interfere in it? No, I don't want to. Because as of now, I am already in a very parallel track than what they dreamed for me. Their interference will take away even my own dreams from my life. Now, at this stage, I have experienced almost everything about life. Now I don't trust people and when I do, I don't let them go easily. Though that's another fact that no one stays with me for a long time. About this, I'll be talking very soon in an upcoming post. I, after achieving my dream, will only thank my parents for what I would be. Not even myself. Because even if its 3 AM and I am working with the tube-light on in my bedroom, its because they have provided me all the resources. 

           Parents are above anyone else. But still the relationship of parents-children is complicated at times. They think according to their fear for us and we think according to our confidence over our plans. The differentiation arises because of the generation gap but the target of both is one- Our success. My job is to be successful. Successful in terms of what my parents think about me and not what society sees me as. If I would be an actor, society will admire/adore me like anything but may be my mother will never like me as an actor and smooching girls after girls in back to back movies. :-) In that case, I would be successful, in my eyes and society's but in the eyes of my parents, I won't be the one that they thought me to grow up as. For that, I'll need to be a businessman aside to give them a satisfaction that their child is a businessman who deals in crore and have all the luxuries of world. 

          I have decided that in my life I will always do things for my inner happiness first and then I'll check if my parents are happy with me or not. If they aren't, I am not going to dissolve my happiness but I am going to create a road in parallel that they want me to walk on and I'll be walking even on it. In this way, I would always be giving them the happiness what they expected of after seeing me for the first time soon after my birth and still, being happy from within all my life. Balancing this would be difficult but then, that's the fun in living life- a complicated one. :-)



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