8 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

"Tu Kutta" - "Tu Kutti" - Be Humans !!!

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       Today two of my classmates had a brawl in the classroom. I was shocked to see the reaction from both the sides. It is very intolerable for other students to manage their own peace and smoothness after two of your classmates have a fight. I was sick today and so I wasn't well. I came to college albeit because I wanted to get out of this sickness and weird feeling I felt for my body and mind from so many days sitting in my house and lying on the bed praying to God to improve my body's condition. But this fight ruined the whole atmosphere. I can never expect people fighting so weirdly in front of everyone without caring about the languages they are using while mortifying each other. You will say me that Tu bahut sudhra hua hai kabhi gaaliyaan nahi deta jaise. Its OK. I abuse and I vociferate bad words too but in the comfort level where I know that it will not cause pain to anyone and it will not be shameful for others to hear and digest.

            One was boy and one was girl. This was the more terrible situation. Both of them already had sour relation from last 1 year but they didn't interacted with each other so it was quite quietus and there was no hullabaloo between them. But I don't know what is happening this season that both of them are facing each other fearlessly and shamelessly. I also have bad relation with some of my classmates but I never fight with them even when I know that they are passing some comments on me indirectly or saying something which is undoubtedly wrong and false. What will I get if I'll give my germane views on the topic I know better than them about which they are talking generally in the class? Its better to keep quiet and listen to what they are saying as I always know that one word of mine will return back 10 abuses from them. It is a common sense.

              Today, this girl said to him KUTTA and he said to her KUTTI in return. Now this words doesn't make changes into both human beings. The boy aren't going to turn into dog as the girl vociferated this word for him and neither this girl will turn into a bitch as the boy said in return. So why to hurl such words in public? When you know that there will be no changes in the enemy standing in front of you, why to hurl such words? This is the only thing I want to ask both of them. Actually I don't want to ask them literally otherwise after reading this blog even I'll come in the matter. Already my blog is not less controversial. I have maintained my status from last 100 blogs so that it doesn't get pushed into any polemic issues. The girl is my friend but still I hated her for doing this. You are a girl. A boy has an advantage if talking about showcasing ourselves in public but a girl doesn't have. If a boy touches a girl little unusually, the girl will be insulted in the public while if the girl touches the boy in the same posture, no harm will be done on the boy's stigma and character. A girl should think this before getting into any type of argument with a boy. I sincerely want to suggest this to all the girls in my class and in my contact.

            After this fight, I really lost some respect for the girl who is my friend too. A quarrel and a fight can easily be ignored by turning our face from the faces which irritates and amuse you. I have problem with 3 to 4 people in my class. I avoid them as much as I can and I have been successful in this as I didn't had any fight of this kind with anyone in my class or college. One friend of this boy commented on one of my status of facebook with a abuse last week. I abused him back but my friend Yusuf told me to delete both the comments and stop the argument before he reads my comment and abuse me back on my wall. I got the brain from my friend and I used it and hence put a Full Stop to the argument. This is the right judgment rather than abusing someone, then girl calling her boy-friend and asking him to thrash the boy who challenged her to bring her boy friend and do whatever she can. It is a clear-cut foolish act. 

            If the girl and the boy would have been brainless and vacuous, I wouldn't have expected them of running away from the fight but both of them are intelligent and witty so I didn't expected this from both of them. I really owe some respect for both but today they have lost almost all the respect I had for them. The girl is my friend but still I am sad about what she did. I have ceased writing about my personal incidents which happens in my life but today seeing that weird incident I thought to write about it in my blog and let everybody know my thought at this. I really want to request all of you to end all the fights you do with your enemies daily. Just ignore the people you hate and live your life alone and be happy with yourself and your good friends. Even if you see that those people are trying to exploit your mood and manner, try to have control on yourself rather than loosing it and showing the ugly part within you. I do the same. I never fight with anyone till the person crosses the level. Now what are my levels on controlling myself, I am not going to unbosom here. Blog is not for speaking out every thing. Right?

           So with the expectation from all of you reading this that you will ignore the fights, I am leaving you here. Till then, Shabha Khair !!!



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Vinayak said...

kin pagalon ki class mein padhte ho aap

Writing Buddha said...

bas yaar....sub paagal nahi h..kuch hain.

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