10 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Quran Burnt - Humanity Burnt !!!

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Quran will be burnt - :-(
        A malfeasance is created again. A will to malaise the smooth running life has evoked again. I am shocked to hear the news that Qurans will be burnt in America on 11th September. How ill the people are. What do they think? That they will be blessed with encomiums after their announcement about such destructive news and dhamkis? Why do people want to create violence every time in this world? We, the human beings, have put a lots of effort to build this world and we are proud of it. Why do some people want to fight and blow the whole world in a single moment? When the Mayan Calendar and different sources said that our Earth - Our World will burst in 2012, I remember how the whole world showed their fear and depression. No one wants to break the house made by their own hand. I don't know why people are interested in provoking someone to that extent that the person commit a crime for self-defense or for making the opposition party flinch.

            Terry Jones, a pentecostal preacher from Gainseville announced that he and his mates will burn the Quran on 11th September,2010 in protest of Islamic people as the terror of 9/11 was initialized and executed by them. This person, after his malfeasance, was criticized by all the leaders of America and all the leaders from different countries too. Everyone is sad to hear about this absurd event going to take place tomorrow. Not only Islamic mob but also the people from different castes and religions are shocked to hear that the humanity has lost its existence to this extent that the holy books will be burnt now just because a follower or a small part of the followers of a religion has created terror and crime. If a Christian from America rapes a girl, should their holy book be burnt because their caste's follower has raped a girl? Should the whole caste be made punitive for the crime committed by a guy or a follower of Christianity? Everyone has the same answer. Still fools exists !!!

            On 11th September itself, Eid - the biggest festival of Muslims and Islam's followers is to be celebrated. We should respect them on the day. They have been keeping Rozas from last 30 days with profuse dedication and love for their God. They have taught world to pray to the almighty by attending all the 5 Namaz of the day without failing. These people should be respected for their good deeds of last 30 days but this person of nonentity has such a propensity that it will annihilate the whole environment of the world. How much the Muslims will suffer to see their Holy book - Quran getting burnt by some people who have not even read it ? Quran is always known to be very useful book for this world but I don't know why this man is creating such modus operandi which is not acceptable by anyone. The whole humanity will be burnt on the day when Muslims will be celebrating their Eid in pride to be a Islamic follower while these people will snub and hurt them by burning their holy book. Hey God !!! Hey Allah !!! It is the time to retaliate. Please show some sympathy on us - the innocent !!!


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU with a sad heart.   

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Zainab Urooj said...

You have touched a real sensitive topic and written very well. It is very disappointing to see people pulling the religion.

Writing Buddha said...

yes Zainab... It is really very sad to see that bcoz of some stupid people the whole religion is blamed..

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