20 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Love And Support !!!

            301st BLOG -->>

        After a break of 8 days I am back on my blog again. The last 1 week was the golden period of my life. I can never forget the time and love you all have given me profusely without any selfish attitude. I came to know this now that how much my friends love me, how much they like reading my blogs, how much they want me to augment. I got to know many facts which I never knew before writing my 300th BLOG POST. I don't know how but I have created a big space in my friends hearts. I remember a time when I used to be very emotional and I used to think that there is no one in this world who cares about me or need me. I used to cry for the whole day and night in the trauma. But at this moment of my life when I see so many people getting involved with me, my activities, my life, my achievements, my failure, my nonsense - I only have one thing to say that I am dreaming. Sometimes when I go and sit in Sai Baba Mandir, I just get lost and at a moment I feel that I am out of the world when I see my life as a flashback. It is very hard for me to believe that so many things are happening with me and my life which are making others getting involved in it. I love everyone of you who are always ready to help me and support me. You all have made me whatever I am today.

              Talking about the success of 300th BLOG POST - I wrote it in deep exhaustion as I celebrated two festivals - Eid and Ganeshotsav on 11th September (the day when I wrote the Blog Post). While writing I knew that I'll get atleast 50 comments but I didn't knew that I'll get more than double of this. I didn't even knew that so many people will visit it and make this BLOG what I wanted my 500th BLOG POST to be. You all have created an immense record. You made records and it got counted as the success of ARB. Strange !!! Injustice with all of you. ;). I know many of you feel this platform - ARB as your home and your property. It is a good achievement for me that people are so close to my blogs that they feel pleasure when they see that ARB is growing.  I think the success of 300th Blog Post goes to Allah and Lord Ganesha too. They have blessed me and given me what I demanded. Thanks. I bow.

            The 300th BLOG POST received 115 COMMENTS. Before this the highest number of comments were received on my 200th Blog Post. It was 81 comments. 300th Blog Post broke its record with such a high lead. Its still unbelievable to me. Mind boggling !!! I am still in doubt that will my 400th BLOG POST be able to break this great record of 115 comments. I have never seen so much comments on a post of a Non-technical Blogger ever. I am happy that you have helped me to make my 300th BLOG POST the biggest blog post ever. Thanks. 

            I got 1015 Visits on my 300th Blog Post (Till 12 AM - 20th September,2010). I got some 1100 Visits last month and I have already received 1015 Visits for my 300th Blog Post in just 8.5 Days. I don't know how to thank people but thanks for coming and visiting my blog. The per day graph of visits are as follows - 

11th September - 48 (The day I wrote before midnight)
12th September - 138
13th September - 242 (Highest Visits i have ever got in a day)
14th September - 86
15th September - 72
16th September - 108
17th September - 81
18th September - 190
19th September - 53 and still counting.....

              So it is easily visible that the craze of 300th BLOG POST among my friends and readers didn't got low. It just kept increasing. I hope that all of you will keep visiting my blogs in such a way in future too.

             The other special achievement of this blog was the comments from 3 Published Authors - Mrs. Varsha Dixit (Right Fit Wrong Shoe), Mr. Azhan Ahsan (Love, Lust and Life) and Mr. S. R. Saha (Jab Se You Have Loved Me). I can never believe that I got comments from such great authors. And the added flavor to this achievement is the positive comments from them. None of them have pointed out my mistakes. All of them loved my blogs which has motivated me a lot. Thanks to all the 3 kind authors.

             I had 23 Official Followers on my blog. Now it has turned 29 after 300th. I had 150 Followers on Twitter which has turned into 161 Followers. You all have augmented the level of ARB. I never knew that people follow my blogs so innocently and passionately. Thanks for showing your love. Now, I would like to name all of you who have posted your comments on my 300th BLOG POST by devoting your precious time to read the blog and post a comment. The Supportive Friends are -

Mahesh (1st one to comment. Thanks), Prashant, Vinayak, Shashank, Megha, Rohit, Mihir Jha, Nitin Goyal, Crazy Diamond, Shoaeb, Shruti, Guddu, Sourav, Wilshire, Mag M, Pooja, Rahul Chaubey, Vijay Rajput, Akshay, Parth, Priya, Salman, Vijay Mausaji, Harman, Pratibha, Arya, Sulokshna, Anonymous, R2B2, Rashmi mam, Rahul Sir, Ganesh Bhai, Varsha Dixit mam, Nitin, Yusuf, Zainab Urooj, S.R. Saha sir, Kasturi, Azhan sir. 

              I apologize to the people whom I have forgot to mention here. I have tried my best to name everyone. Mistakes are the part of life so if I have committed one here plz notify me so that I can add you as well. Thanks a lot to everyone of you to make my days wonderful and blog successful. I never knew how to market and publicize a blog but I have learned lots of technique while promoting my 300th BLOG POST. I am happy that like Aamir Khan. my marketing strategy worked too. ;-) Let me inform you that I used some 63 hard words in my 300th BLOG POST to make it something special. Many misapprehended me as the one who writes tough words regularly but the regular followers of blog may be knowing that I do this only when I complete my centuries. I got 96% of positive response on the blog so it makes me the happiest person of this world right now. 

              Thanks once again for making me the proudest lover of my friends. The new phase of the blogging starts from here. 3..0..1..th ...BLOG... Let's hope that 400th Blog will do better than this one. I love you all.

 Your Slave,


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Vinayak said...

Hey slave... order from boss
write 2 blogs per day

Writing Buddha said...

uff..I will have to try as college has started and i dont have much time.. but will try to do.

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