26 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Daughter's Day - Girls Are Still A Victim !!!

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            I read the whole newspaper of Sunday but I didn't found anywhere about a festival which some good people are celebrating today. I can't understand how come these news-hungry people miss such important events. No problem. This is why Bloggers are present in this world. It's Daughter Day today. So, on this sweet day, I would like to wish all the girls of this world a very Happy Daughter's Day !!! I would also congratulate the people who have given the birth to the girls in this boy-demanding world. You all are great and you all are the biggest example of humanity on this Earth.

             I remember every incident I have read in newspaper about the crimes where these lovely girls and women are the victims of this evil act. Everyday, there is some or the other news where we read about the torture on these women. We just read and we forget. Nobody of us try to do something for them. But there are many NGOs in this world which are helping this gender to give them a recognition. Let's forget about the world, our own country - India has taken so many steps to give the women the right they really deserve. I am proud of this NGOs and whenever on Twitter or via Email, I get a request to promote such NGOs, I do it immediately without thinking twice on this. I would request all of you to forward such emails to everyone so that many girls will be saved. If you know any of such institute, help the girls who have no one in this world to reach there. They keep a good care of these girls. I am proud of such NGOs. Keep up your good work.

             Right from our ancestral period, girls are treated as animals. Why don't some men allow their wife or daughters to show their talent to the world and earn money themselves? Many say that I am not a chakka to let my wife and daughter work between males, I have plenty of money to fill their stomachs. Here, the question is not about you are chakka or you have the biggest size of reproductive organ, here the question is about the will of a girl. If she wants to work in Call center, let her go and experience that, who are you to compel her to stay in her bedroom and learn how to cook so that she can serve her husband and in-laws perfectly after marriage? If a girl wants to learn Dancing and she is interested in learning salsa, why do you stop her to dance with a boy? They are just doing a couple dance. They aren't having a pre-marital sex. They aren't doing any intercourse. Right? Neither they are kissing each other? What is your problem then? Your problem is that the boy is touching your daughter's skin. Right? But if your daughter trust the partner let her go and explore herself. I know we are Indians and this is hard to tolerate watching our family's girls in somebody else's arms. But the time has passed and the culture has changed. Girls of today are brought up in such a society where touching a boy or dancing with him isn't a big issue with them. 

               Problem with some narrow minded people and not-so-modish people is that they think that wild feelings are developed in the mind of boys and girls when they touch each other and this in future leads to ugly deeds which cost the girl's respect, virginity, marriage and the family's peace. These people are right according to their ideology. They are not wrong. But we should allow our girls and we should try to arrange all the safety for her and her body. In this criminal's era, I agree that it is hard to believe a boy to be left alone with your girl. But I read an article in DNA's Mumbai Edition that a family in Gujarat where their 2 daughters work for 16 hours a day outside the home. One of their daughter teaches Dandiya to many young boys and girls. Their parents had a fear that she can be the victim of a crime as she spends several hours with many boys in a hall. So, they arranged a group of female spies around her daughter. These ladies kept an eye upon the girl and kept informing their parents about what does she do when she isn't at house. They pay some 5,000 to these ladies but they don't kill the interest and hobbies of their daughters. Their daughter have won several awards for choreographing, dancing and dandiya competitions. She earns 22,000 to 28,000 a month. So, rather than killing the girl's happiness, they are letting her enjoy her life + they are spending only 5,000 rupees for her safety so that some dogs don't eat her and her innocence and they are leading a happy life. I am proud of this family.

               The days have passed away when the girls were asked to stay in the house itself behind curtains with 100 kg weighing clothes to cover her body and face. Even today, in some countries like Saudi Arabia, girls aren't given freedom. These countries are male-dominating. They will have to change themselves or they will be changed by the girls living there. I read in the newspaper some 8 months ago that Saudi Arabia has allowed their women to vote in the elections. They are now changing themselves and allowing their women to raise the voice and bring the revolution in their country. So, on this Daughter's Day, let's hope for the betterment in the position and status of girls. Let's give the opportunities to the girls so that they can show the quality God has blessed them with. We have to save our Girls and I have already given an example how a family in Gujarat has put their girl in a safety zone by applying an innovative idea. Let's respect the girls, daughters and all the women of this world and their feelings.



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Anangkr said...

just visited your blog,its nice.
Better than that seeing this post written by a boy makes me smile.
thumps up to you dude :-)
surely, you would complete your next ambition one day.

Writing Buddha said...

thanks anurag..my cousin bro also has d same name as urs so i thought that its his comment.. I hate him n im happy that its u n not him.. Hahaha... Thank u dost... Saw ur blog too.. Will read some of ur posts tomorrow... And yaar its easy to write this kind of blog as v can imagine our close women at d place of these women who suffer.. Right naa?

Salsa classes in Mumbai said...

I face the same taboos a lot in my classes. But increasingly i see attitudes changing.

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa... But I am happy to read that u r still continuing with the classes...

Anonymous said...

hello i love you i am mubeen pakistan ciyy mangla 5 12 2010 day sunday contect me plz plz 03475323606

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Mubeen... I dont know whether u r really a girl or someone else.. but thanks for your love.. Send me a personal mail at abhilash238650@gmail.com

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