5 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Crush on Two Teachers in School !!!

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        Its not a strange thing or something unusual if I'll say that I had crush on two of my female teachers in my school. Everyone of us liked or had crush on some or the other teachers while we were in school. I have noticed myself that when teachers used to teach in class, there were some boys who used to sit with all their eyes on the face of the teacher (At that age, mind aren't corrupt of little kids to see anything below the face ;-) ). I never noticed girls at that time because I thought then that girls are the creatures made by god who can never be impressed by boys but if I would have had the knowledge about the girls like I have today, I would have surely tried observing any so that I could have known that which girl is interested in boys. Now when I notice the girls of my class in college, I see many of them going mad about our professors which is strange. Why? Because we all are so handsome ourselves. Why are they interested in the mans who are 10 years elder to them. Girls are little fool. Not only girls, according to a new survey it is found that today's boys and men are not attracted towards Sweet 16 or Killing 17 but they are interested in Rough 30's and late 20's. Strange but True !!! 

            I had my first crush on my computer teacher in 4th std. Her name is Miss Rashmi Bane. She used to take our practicals. I loved the practicals mostly because we got to sit in the lab with Air conditioners. Air conditioners were a big thing then as it used to be very costly and only high-profile people could afford it. But when I saw my teacher, I was flat on her. She was the only teacher then who didn't used to wear sarees(She wore suits) and had girly skin - soft and attractive. Now, I didn't touched her then to confirm whether the skin is soft or not. Actually, when we see a beautiful girl or a beautiful lady, we project them as Komal and Naajukk. So this is why I stigmatized her skin as soft. She used to beat us a lot too. Students felt pain for a while but then used to be happy that the most beautiful teacher of our school touched our cheeks with her hand and used to smile. I don't know what madam used to feel to see students smiling on her beats and slaps but we enjoyed. When we used to do some mistakes while dragging mouse, she used to keep her hand on our hand and used to operate mouse and teach us. I am sure that every boy of my class like me didn't got what she taught while keeping her hand on our hand. Everyone used to cheer in their hearts that their dream got true to hold the hand of the madam. In that period, touching the hand of a girl used to be the biggest achievement. Not only I, but every boy of my class liked her. Rashmi mam, we really loved you a lot. Hope you loved us too. ;-)

           The second crush I had on my Maths teacher in 5th std. Her name is Miss Hirana Buch. She was so damn stylish. Stylish doesn't mean that she used to come in jeans, sleeveless tops and high heels (I dreamed her to come in that way but in vain). She was stylish in the way of her attitude and style of conduct. She used to keep tip topping her pen's cap which I used to see very keenly and innocently. In that period, only actresses were to be seen with long nails but our madam was no less than any actress. She had long nails and I used to only see them while she used to hold chalk with her long and beautiful fingers or red pen while checking my book. I really loved Hirana mam. I was her favorite student too. This is the only thing which kept a hope within me that she was all mine. ;-) She was also fair in complexion. I liked her nose which wasn't pointed but it was pichka huaa (didn't got english word for this). Her lips were also little flat and I liked her lips which seemed to be inward. I liked her hairs too as they were cut till her shoulders while other teachers had chotis and all. I really kept thinking about Hirana mam everytime whenever she used to be near somewhere. Always when the bell would ring and the school would end, I used to pray to God that please give a glance of her once so that I can move home with her face stuck in my mind. Uff !!! How much I loved you mam but you never understood (haha) or may be you did but you didn't wanted to give this lover a break for the love affair (Haha).

            These were the only two teachers I had crush on. I had crush on one teacher here in my college too but I had a girlfriend at that time so I would not describe anything about her otherwise any girl who would be looking me today will say that I look other women while having an affair with a girl already. ;-) I have already asked permission to both my teachers about writing a blog of crush on them so whoever thought of driving a new controversy on my blog can take your seats back. I am so lucky that both my teachers are still unmarried and still I hope for something. Haha. Just kidding. But one of them is booked for marriage now so The End of Unsaid Love with her. ;-) I am also lucky that both these teachers are in contact with me personally which is something next to impossible. I still remember the day when I got an orkut invitation from Hirana mam. I was so surprised and happy. I would like to thank both my teachers for giving me some delightful moments in my childhood with their beauty. ;-) I hope madams that you liked my blog and my love I had with you and truly speaking, little of it survives today too. Haha.

             Thanks a lot for giving me permission to write this blog. 


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akshay2cool said...

Nice writing dude. Really Kiked it. Par ye hirana miss kab schul chod ke gayi ? maine to unka naam bhi nahi suna

Writing Buddha said...

arre yaar wo sirf ek hi saal thi...mere batch k samay isliye nahi suna hoga..par bahut sundar thi..

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