6 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I Hate Celebrities on Reality Shows For Promotions !!!

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A news on a channel about promotion fundas !!!
        I remember the days when Kaun Banega Crorepati hit the screen. Everyone was surprised to see the biggest superstar ever- Amitabh Bachchan on the screen in a different avatar. This was the first ever game show of this type in India which prized the contestants with lakhs of rupees just by answering some 15 questions. Everyone loved the show and accepted it as the routine of the day to watch it regularly. After this many game shows came on TV featuring many stars as the host. Then a different reality show debuted on the screen - Indian Idol which featured the chance and opportunity for the common people to participate and win 1 crore of prize money if won the contest with the help of public voting. Indian Idol was also accepted heartily by the Indian audiences and Abhijeet Sawant became a new superstar in India. 

            This types of reality shows got their highest TRPs when any superstar or celebrity used to come and sit with judges as a guest. We, the fools of India who are respectfully called as Audience used to sit with big eyes trying not to miss a single comment and expression of the star. How much we loved this shows because of this stars. Even in KBC, there used to be celebrities episode when the celebrity used to answer the questions and win a huge and hectic amount. Everyone used to predict these superstars win big amounts because they are already given the list of answers which make them more admiring among audiences that our stars are not only beautiful but also intelligent and knowledgeable. 

           As the time passed and the world of movies and glamour grew more commercial and earning money and beating the cost of previous hit movies became the main target of the directors and actors rather than entertaining the audiences, these stars started using these reality shows as their weapons to meet the success. Now, we can see these stars coming here and there in different reality shows and promoting their films by repeating their dialogues in front of the audiences again and dancing on the songs of these movies with the contestants and making the people aware that their new film is coming in few weeks. It took time for the audience to understand the business game of this film fraternity and thus this reality shows met with high TRPs for a shortwhile in start.

           Currently, we can see Salman Khan promoting his Dabangg madly everywhere. He and his team can be seen on every news channel giving press conferences. They can be seen in each and every reality shows (sometimes in the same dress). Now, whenever these stars come on such shows, we understand that no star loves the talent and all the comments and all the mind-blowing expressions they give while the performance is on are just fake. These stars have thus lost the respect and popularity they had among their fans. 

             In this world of promotions and profits, I really respect some stars who really act like superstars and keep themselves away from moving to every set of reality shows to promote their upcoming movie. I would like to name my favorite Hrithik Roshan firstly. He had shown his face only twice on television. Once, he came to promote Krrish in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and lastly I saw him in Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X promoting his father's production Krazzy 4. Else, I have never seen him losing his stardom by being present everywhere on television just to make the public aware of his next film. I would also like to name Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan whom I have noticed being away from losing their stardom by stepping on to television every now and then for promoting their movies. 

            I hope all of you liked and agreed with what I said. I hope my thoughts matches with yours. Hmm?


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - one of the stupid audiences.    

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Vinayak said...

Well, I totally agree with you. But, these promotions have never mattered to me. I never went to see a movie because of celebrities coming on reality shows and promotion their movie. But I do hate it. I was very shocked when Aamir Khan came to promote Peepli [Live]on Indian Idol but it doesn't matter.

Writing Buddha said...

yaa right vini..

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