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Last year when I was crowned Mr. Fresher !!!!

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On Fresher Party Last year
            I still remember the day of 19th September, 2009. 1 year ago, on the same day I won the title of Mr.Fresher in my college. Today, its 20th September and 1 year has passed. I never realized that time has past so quickly leaving me behind. No - Not really behind. I have improved myself with the time and conditions. Each day I learn something new and I mark them in my personal diary and read it whenever I get time in a week or month so that I don't commit the mistakes again. I literally know that this habit has kept me intelligent and progressive. Today, when my childhood friends meet me, the first question they ask is about how did I changed my personality and how did I started studying. It is little shameful to hear that everyone knows about your failure and your bad times but you also feel blessed when you see that others are appreciating your success and change.

             I lost the track. Sorry. Kabhi kabhi dil ki awaaz bhi daayrein tod ke bahaar nikal aati hain. Nafrat ko peechey chchod aapki zindagi mein bas pyaar hi pyaar bhar jaati hain. Last year, on 18th Sept, I prepared myself to attend the Fresher party for the next day. I had a big hope from myself that I'll bring the title with me as I wanted to prove myself to my parents and my relatives (Relatives are nobody to me but still I wanted to prove them that I am better than your sons and daughters). I had no friends then. Having no friends is not a big issue but everyone was jealous of me or had some problem with me as I had an affair with a girl and after the break up everyone joined her and isolated me. It was a bad period. Richa- my classmate supported me then and asked me to attend the party next day and also advised me to not to feel lonely. I agreed and next day I came in the dress code - Blue Shirt with Black jeans and a scarf covering my neck. I saw myself in the mirror for 100 times to make it sure that I will look better than all the mates who are going to take part in the competition.

             Competition began. I cleared the first round of Introduction very easily. I haven't understood still that what jury liked in me while I was introducing myself. ;-) 2nd round was the most entertaining round as the participants had to Dance, Sing or Act. Any of the three. I went at the last and Danced. I was the only one among all the contestants who vibrated his body. After my performance, there was a huge cheer for ONCE MORE. I felt pride and happy to feel the love audience was giving me. I really gave my best dancing performance then. I got selected for the 3rd round. Here we had to act for a product which was randomly selected through chits. I got Frooti. I went with my pack of Frooti and said with little act and expression - "Aaj kal hum log suntey hain k - Thak Gaya-Thak Gayi- Mar gaya- Mar gai. Ab khatam ho jaegi ye saari Aah Aaah...Ee.. Eeeee.. Kyuki ab aa gai hai hamare beech Frooti." After completing my words, I raised the pack of Frooti upwards, tilted down to let the audience feel that I am drinking it. And I said again - " Sarr Utha Ke peeyo " Everyone laughed and clapped. I was better than others. I feel so.

             I got selected for the final round after this. 2 boys and 2 girls were selected for the Finals. I, from BCA and Naresh from BBA. Umera from BCA and Nikita from BBA. Naresh is also smart so I was praying God that I do better than him. I had confidence that Umera will surely win as I didn't found anything special in Nikita (Sorry !!!). In this round, Jury had to ask a question to each of us and we were to be judged according to the answers given by us. I was asked in the last - Abhilash, If you meet God, what 5 wishes will you ask for? 

            I began - " Mam, I always dream about meeting the God and you have asked this question, I am really happy. My 1st wish - Hey God - Never let my Parents die till I am alive on the earth. (Everyone gave the biggest round of applause of the evening). My 2nd wish - Hey God , never show me the wrong path in my life as I am the only child of my parents and my dithering will dishearten them. My 3rd Wish - God, give me all the powers of Krrish (Everyone laughed) so that I can fly anywhere free of cost as I am from a middle-class family and I can't afford air travels. I have recently seen in our media channels how our Indian brethren are getting beaten up there. I would have definitely used my power and blown all the Whites. My 4th wish - Everyday we see some images in front of our eyes. We dream to accomplish them. I would ask God to give me all the possible powers to fulfill them and transform the images into realities. My 5th Wish - Hey God !!! Give me 5 more wishes. Thank You !!! " 

             After my last wish, everyone clapped loudly and laughed and appreciated my wit and immediate reaction to the question. After this, I was announced as the MR. FRESHER of BHARATI VIDYAPEETH for the YEAR - 2009-10. Everyone clapped for me. I loved the respect I got. I still remember the day with all the good memories. Because of the title and my talent, I got all my friends and classmates back. This day changed my status and position in the class. After this, I am always counted in the Top students of the class. 

             This year, I was excited to see the New Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher from the Juniors. When I won the award, I was the first one to win from BCA's side. Before me, no one won from BCA. All the Fresher's awards went to BBA's pocket. I was proud to win it and give a start to BCA. I was expecting BCA students to win this time in Fresher's Party. But according to the current news, Fresher Party is canceled. Somewhere I am sad but somewhere I am happy. Sad because a party is canceled. Happy because I am and I will be the only Mr. Fresher in the college for next 1 year. Feeling happy and proud for myself. Hahaha. Not exactly Proud but Garv. Haha. Thank you Vaishali mam for canceling it. 



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