4 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sachin's Father vs My Father !!!

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       Hello friends !!! I am little sorry to be away from my blogs. I keep intimating on my Twitter account about my absence. Some readers said that as they have habit to see my new posts daily on my blog, they feel cheated and bluffed when they see no new post for a day. Wow. I am happy to hear this that there are some people who wait for my blogs. Haha. My main purpose to join twitter was just because I wanted my readers to know about what is going in my personal life when they don't get my blogs to read. I know that I am not that big writer or any celebrity that people would be dying in any corner of the world to read my words and hear from my side but still I want to act like them. If I don't have the status to sit in Taj hotel daily that doesn't means that I can't save the money and have a cup of tea there. Right naa? So same here. If my book isn't publishing that doesn't means that I can not live a life of a writer. Bhavnaao ko samjho !!!

           Sachin Tendulkar - the greatest player ever on the Earth (Sorry Sir Don Bradman) has been honored with the title of Group Captain by IAF. He is the first cricketer to be awarded with this title. One more record in the name of Master Blaster. I am so proud of this man that I want him to share a word once with me. It will motivate me in such a way that I am sure ki I'll turn into one of the biggest celebrity and achiever of this country. I just need an interaction with him. Sachin Sir, are you listening to my quest? I love you more than your wife does to you !!! ;-) Not gay waala love, its about Respect waala love. Today, while press conference Sachin said that whatever he is today, it is all because of his father that he never stopped him or pulled him back from his passion and thus it made him comfortable to play cricket in his young age and hence he has achieved so much. In the evening, I was arguing with my father the same that in spite of being a professor, Sachin's father never told him to study and not play cricket, why do you pull me back from writing?

           This debate is very obnoxious from my father's perception because he can't bow in front of me and say that Go my son, I have full confidence on you that you will be the bestseller author of our nation in few years. This is where my point of view takes a firm position. I am confident that I'll be successful in publishing my novel. I know there are many hurdles in the path but I am ready to surpass them. But when it comes to my father's belief on me, he thinks that I am dreaming of touching sky and flying like plane above the earth. I keep telling him that every author would have dreamed once of publishing his story and hence they are an author today but he has a fear that his child will end up his passion, career, living if he fails in publishing his story. From the father's view, Yes, He is absolutely right. I am with him. But even Sachin's father was a father. When he can believe on his son who was so thin and so small height ed that no one could have believed that his small legs would run so fast and make the highest runs by any cricketer ever, why can't my father trust me whose son knows English and knows how to write and what to write. 

           I need a firm and positive support from my father. He knows that I write well but he doubts my speed and skill when it comes to competition with the world. Hope I'll prove him wrong and win the competition of this field in near future and make him proud of his son that he had the skills and thus his son always had abilities to be a writer. Path is hard but I have Sachin's poster in my bedroom which keeps me aware of my dream and how much hard work has to be put in to achieve it.

          Friends, plz pray for me..



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Best of luck for convincing your father about all this....

Writing Buddha said...

thanks Vini

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