25 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

CommonWealth Games 2010 will be Successful !!!

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             I read newspaper regularly. Sometimes with a lot of interest while sometimes just because I want to be in touch with current affairs as I am a writer and a blogger. I am reading a monotonous news from last 2 to 3 months daily. If you are a newspaper reader too, I am sure that you have understood what I am talking about. ?? Not Still ?? Ok !! Let me give you some clues : Delhi , Shera, Corruption, wastage of money, an international game. Got It? Need a clue more?? Here it is - Suresh Kalmadi. Yaa. You are right. I am talking about the Commonwealth Games which are going to start from 3rd October. Every news channel, every reporter, every writer, every editor, every human being, every citizen, every dog, every kid, every fool, every mad, every newspaper - Everyone is talking about this issue. Right naa??

              If I'll pick up anyone of this reporter or an Indian citizen and ask him to plan a small game tournament in our country and I'll put 1 crore in his hands, I am sure that he will utilize all the rupees and I'll get nothing in return as extra funds provided which is left unused. Every Indian will think that how can they save as much as possible from this 1 crore fund provided to build up the plan of the game. Nobody will think about the emotions of players, performers, coaches, their dreams etc etc. Then why are we blaming Kalmadi for this? Even he is one from us. Atchaa !! So you say that he is a Leader and he is representing our country so he is not allowed for such a crime. Fine !!! But when his mother gave him birth, do you think that he was the leader? You made him leader. He was and he is one from us. His mind works in the same manner as our mind does. He don't have any special brain to plan the game. I don't think that Kalmadi did anything intentionally, this is how we Indians are grown up. Our society is corrupt so everyone turns out to be corrupt and unfaithful. Few months ago, Lalit Modi was caught. Why? IPL went smoothly. There was no problem in the tournament. Grounds were nice, players were given all types of comfort, there were late night parties, there were cheer-girls and girls in the restaurants to entertain them. Then why was he dragged into the controversy? Just because he wiped out some money which was to be used for IPL. Right?? Just keep your hand on your heart , keep your parent's photos in front of your eyes, see into them and say that you would not have done what Modi or Kalmadi have. Shocked !!! ;-)

               We just know how to blame and accuse others. We were capable and so we won the auction because of which we are hosting the Commonwealth Games 2010. Which country is perfect? Obama is abused by the Americans more than by the citizens of any other country. So when Americans who are said to be the most developed doesn't leave their government, we , Indians come after them. There are some mistakes committed by our country too but why is there so much gaga about it? Because we , ourselves are publicizing our mistakes and drawbacks. Pakistan does right that they block Internet. If I would have been the Prime Minister, I would have blocked Twitter and Facebook so that our country's personal matter doesn't get publicized. Do you speak about your Head of the Family - Your father on the twitter? What mistakes and what foolish steps he takes ? Do you speak about your mother in the public about how she tries to save the money given by your father for the expenditure of the house? Ashamed !!! You should be. Kalmadi is our Indian leader and we should keep this in mind that by vociferating negativism about him will lead in the annihilation of our country only. Because of us, in future, we will not be given any chance to host any of the international games. Are you happy to hear this? If Yes !!! You are not a True Indian !!!

              Now 9 to 10 days are left for CWG to begin. Delhi is not prepared. I agree to this. But we can't meet the deadlines. I don't agree to this. We, Indians have always achieved. We will do this again. Just read these lines - "Commonwealth Games (CWG2010) is Delhi’s baby and everyone is working day and night for making this event a grand success. The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching nearer and Delhi is almost ready to feel the glowing sun. The melodious anthem composed by Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman would be reverberating all around the galaxy. The changing wind is exuding hope. Some faces are getting back their lost smiles. Some money is really spent. At least, I could see some more street lights, well-connected metro service, roads with and without potholes and some more security force. Something is really happening for good and we should appreciate the change. It’s time to cheer our participants, it’s time to join hands, and it’s time to have some glasses of French wine rather than criticizing the already overburdened organizers. By Devaju's Blog"

                  Try to be positive for your country and its organization or make an organization of yours and change and develop our country in your way. So be little positive and patriotic rather than killing the image of your country in the public. Our Mother Earth will feel so proud to have such citizens. A little change in our inner soul is required. No bigger change is expected. Only a commitment towards our Country and our Leaders. Let's start thinking positive about the Games and their Arrangements right from now and try to be an optimistic rather than being a critic. 



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