5 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Teachers Are Rapists and Criminals !!!

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        It is Teacher's Day today. In India, we celebrate the Teacher's day on 5th September. Many of you may not be knowing that Teacher's Day is celebrated in many more countries but not on 5th September. They celebrate it according to their belief and strategy. In India we believe it this way - It is the birthday [5 September 1888 ],of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. It is considered a "celebration" day, where teachers and students report to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance. At some schools on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students to show appreciation for their teachers.

             I wanted to be the teacher for a day when I came into 10th std in my school but I wasn't given the priority among so many scholars already present in my class. I was so jealous of the classmates who were appointed as teachers on that day. I promised that day to the God that I'll turn a teacher in real life and show this morons that See, I have the ability to be teacher in real and not in fancy way as you all are here doing drama and act. Hahaha!!! But as the time passed, I came to know that this job is not so easy. I, as a student know that what I do with teachers when I sit on the last bench with some nasty classmates. So, I don't want myself to be the victim of student's mischief.

             Teachers are said to be the party which imparts the knowledge and preach the student in the right way. They teach them and show the correct way in life where they have to lead their future to. Its a responsible job and it is not easy to set the young and unfledged brains to a target and focus. A brain is very immature and it needs a lot of guidance to get a thing and know its importance and priorities in life. A teacher makes it possible and hence they are respected a lot. In our Hindu mythology, it is said that if the question comes to select any one - God or Teacher, whom should be selected? The answer should be Teacher as if teacher would not have been there, a child can never know the path and way to reach the God. Wow!!! Amazing!!! It is real that many-a-times Teachers show us path and way when we are stuck in our course and personal life. 

             But some teachers have changed the meaning of the teacher. Recently, I have heard many news which shows how are the teachers changed with the time and generation. I have read the news where a teacher made a boy so helpless that he committed suicide. In another news, I heard about a principal and a teacher punishing a boy to run rounds of college's playground which exhausted the boy and he was announced dead after he reached hospital. What a fucking job by new age teachers !!! Everyday I read newspapers, at least twice or thrice I read in a month about the case where a teacher raped or molested a student. It is so sad to hear that parents send their children to school so that the teacher will pass on the knowledge and wit to the students but in return they get a devil facet of the teacher. I hope teachers maintain their respect and faith in the society otherwise there will be a day when there will be cameras in the classroom not to check students but to keep an eye on the activity of a teacher. I hope this day never comes in this world. 

            I have nothing to say more. I can just pray to God that the teachers maintain the troth we the society have on them. 



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Vinayak said...

shame on the teachers who did these kinda actions
never thought teachers would kill someone intentionally

Writing Buddha said...

read the newspaper...every week teachers commit some or the other crime..

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