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Best Presentation Given By Me & My Group Members!!!

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          Sorry friends !!! I didn't posted anything yesterday. Sometimes your body and your mind doesn't allow you to perform and complete an intended job. Somewhat same happened with me yesterday. I was all fine before I planned to write the Blog but after that I noticed the proliferation in my heartbeat and I saw that I have started sweating profusely. I was dithering and trembling so I decided to leave the Blog. I slept next to my dear mom and for the whole night I kept changing my sides but it was for no use as I was feeling some bechaini which wasn't letting me close my eyes and sleep soundly. 

            In the morning my friend Yusuf said that its nothing new with you. Whenever you have to perform your body reacts in the same way and when you perform, everything goes away and after that you are fine and the best. I got what he said. I remembered that I have a presentation today and this may be the reason of my body reacting in such an unexpected way.

            So, we had a presentation today. We are divided by our HRM manager in different groups and after the topic is complete, the respective group assigned for the specific topic have to give a presentation on it. We were assigned for the topic of "EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT". This topic exactly means that organization and employee, both should put an on-going effort to upgrade the employee's skills, abilities and knowledge. The Successful Employee Development needs a balance between an Employee's career needs and the targets of the organization. It is a wonderful topic.

            I had Yusuf Dawawala - My best friend from this college, Gaurav Save - The Highest KT Holder and The Lowest Percentage in Defaulter ever, Prema Rajput - The 1st Ranker of the 1st year BCA and Vandana Singh - The 2nd Ranker of the 1st year BCA as my group members. When we formed this group, I already knew that we are going to give a good presentation but I wanted to give a special one which will be better than the other presentation already given in our class. 

             Through the voting session, I was selected as the GROUP LEADER. I was fine with the responsibility of this position. I gathered everyone at my home and we made the slides of PPT. We arranged the topics and we distributed it among us. But as a group leader my task and my orders were not finished till here. We had our presentation today and fortunately yesterday we had holiday for Ganesh Visarjan. I asked my group members to be present in the college for mutual discussion, helping each other and rehearsing for 2 to 3 times so that we don't get puzzled into each other at the final moment of presenting. Everyone did their work seriously with some gossips around. I loved the day as we got a confidence after practicing that we are 90% prepared. We left for home after wishing everyone Luck for the next day.

            Today, being responsible, I and Yusuf reached college half an hour ago to arrange CPU and Projector so that we don't end with dissatisfaction after our mam will enter the classroom. At last, our presentation begun. I, as a group leader came in the starting, introduced my topic and my group members. After this Vandana came and gave a brief description on what Employee Training is. She presented this in both the languages - English and Hindi. Madam appreciated her knowledge about her topic. Then came Gaurav. He was also unique in his way. He gave the presentation on what the On-the-job training is. He gave his whole presentation in Hindi language and according to me he was the best presenter of the day. After him came Yusuf who gave the knowledge about what Off-the-job training is. His uniqueness is his Arabic ascent which no one has in our class. He ended up too nicely. Then I came and I presented about Steps and Tips needed while designing a training program and about the Essentials stipulated for a training session to be held. After me, Prema entered and she gave a sweet presentation on Evaluation of Training. After her presentation she called me to give the Vote of Thanks. 

            I came and I gave a wonderful Vote of Thanks. Many people liked our presentation. There are always exceptions in every beautiful thing done or created on this Earth. I saw our jealous classmates making faces while I was giving Vote Of Thanks. We don't care about them because we know that how much they have in their pocket to perform. I noticed them because I was noticing everyone. We asked madam for appraising our performance and she said that - IT WAS THE BEST PRESENTATION SO FAR. ALL OF YOU HAD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR TOPICS. Thank you mam for giving such a sweet compliment to us and our effort. We also told that your effort was easily visible in your performances. We are the 2nd last presenters. Now only One group remains and I have full confidence that even if they will put all their knowledge in the presentation there is no scope of going higher and above them my group. So, according to our mam, we gave the best presentation. I am so happy. So So Happy. I think this has made my position of Group Leader fixed and permanent. Hahaha. What is bad in hoping? Right?

  P.S : Friends, I wrote this blog yesterday but forgot to make it public. So read it as it is the blog of 23rd September. 



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