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Teachers - I Miss Them A Lot !!!

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Happy Teacher's Day !!!
        In my last blog , I have tried to give an overview of teachers about how they can be criminals and rapists sometimes. I really hate these teachers. Now, the post is changed and so is the flavor. Its Teacher's Day today and hence i would like to name some of the teachers I liked throughout my academic career. I have not been a good student but still I had some favorite teachers whom i really liked and waited for their lectures and periods. 

             My first teacher of life was Dalaya mam. She used to teach me when I was in Sr. Kg and 1st std. I remember her stringency and I really liked her as she was the perfect teacher I have seen up till today. Then as I moved in another branch of my school itself, i found many new teachers, from them, I liked Rashmi mam who was our computer teacher then. I am doing BCA today. Hence, in future whenever I will count the teachers who have taught me computer and its concept, Rashmi mam's name will always come at first. After her, I liked Tehseen mam who taught us for a short time but I really liked her way of interacting with us. She used to teach me Maths and I was her favorite student in the class in spite of not being a scholar and a topper. After she left, Hirana mam continued with the subject and she is my favourite teacher of all time. I can't measure the love and attachment I have with her. I will talk more about her in my next blog. 

            After my 5th std, I moved to secondary branch of my school and got some new teachers here. I liked Sen madam. She was so interactive and so frank. I got such a teacher for the first time in my life who used to talk about our hobbies and our likings. I remember you still mam. After her, I liked Kulkarni madam who taught us Geography. She was really something unbelievable then. She used to teach us in the way our college teachers teach us now. At that time we didn't knew that teachers can teach so stylishly because in school teachers aren't so frank while teaching. Her conduct was really effective which made us understand the concepts very easily. Then I moved to 9th std and I liked Dias Sir - Our principal a lot. He used to teach us Maths and he really made us amicable with the subject. Being a principal he could have acted very strictly while the period but he always asked us about the answers and our views which made concepts clear. 

             One teacher who almost showed us what real strictness and stringency is Fernandes Sir. I can never forget him all my life. He was our English teacher. As you all know that how much I love writing and blogging, English was my favorite subject and still is. He used to teach us English in such a way that we felt in his period that English is our mother tongue. He really made us proud to be his student. Many teachers who were getting newly employed in our school were his students who turned into a good teacher themselves. I respect him a lot even today. I remember his style and his smile too. The smile which showed the power he had in him. I miss you Sir and even your teaching style.

            Now, I am in Bharati Vidyapeeth. I have always liked my class teacher- Zaheer Sir. He is everyone's favorite leaving some crap children in our class. He has always shown us the real face of today's world and where Computer languages play their role. He is the real face of how a professor should be like. I also remember Taruna mam and Divya mam. Both of them were brilliant teacher with lots of knowledge and dedication towards teaching. I also remember Snehal's mam period where she used to make us feel blessed with her comments. I would specially like to mention the teachers I have right now who are teaching me. Zaheer Sir is still rocking with C++ Language. He is a good programmer. Sonia mam who teaches us Human Resource Management. She is very powerful in her subject. She is very friendly with us and we love her lectures. Shinde Sir who teaches us accounts. His lecture is the only lecture where time passes easily. Gokhila mam who helps us know about how sharp a teacher's eye and ears are. She catches us every time we do some mischief. She is the only teacher who have hurled me out of the class in my college life. Sheetal mam who had been little polemic recently but she is very kind to us. 

            I would like to thank al the teachers who have taught me all my life and made me whatever big or small I am today. I would specially like to thank Hirana mam and Rashmi mam for being in contact with me in spite of so much time gap. Next blog is upon you my dear madams. 



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