10 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Wilshire's Comment / Oscars / Pancard !!!

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                well coming to think of it, why a separate day for women if they say they're at par with men? Why special reservations for jobs? Why the need for them to be spoon-fed, and call them the fairer sex? This is so contradictory. I could understand if there was a Man's day as well. That way I'd understand that every type of person is getting his day. Like Children's day, Father's day, Mother's day, Teacher's day, etc. Maybe soon we'll have Bajaj Pulsar day, or College Bunk day as well! Not many people see that these days are just an excuse for the marketing industry. On Valentines day roses are pricey. Not only roses, even ice cream is costly! The kulfi which costs Rs. 10 was being sold for Rs. 25. So I asked the guy, "bhaiya, main toh akela hu, toh mujhe kyu loot rahe ho?!" To which he replies "arre 'vaylentine' hai na, isliye!" People really know how to push my buttons!
Well my point here is people need to understand the sentiments of such celebrations and not just be commercially exploited. If I had to celebrate Women's day (sorry i didn't celebrate women's day!) I would first of all, organise driving lessons and road manners for all women who ride two wheelers and cars! Hehe! Initially, i used to think women do drive well and people say women cant drive for the sake of fun. But i recently learnt that there are many women who ride around as if they're flying! I'm not saying women cant drive. I'm saying there is a small section of them who aren't able to. But I should also point out that there is a sizeable amount of men who cant drive too. They drive around rashly with little consideration of other people around them. But picture this. If an equally rash man and a lady crash into each other, who will the people blame? The Guy obviously. So please girls, save us rash riders by learning to ride well and dodge us when we blaze across you on our powerful bikes and smoke you on your dainty scooty! Hahaha!
But on a serious note we need to respect women. By 'we', I mean the idiots who are bound by senseless traditions where women are treated as property. There's nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman. That song is playing in my head now. *lala strength of a woman...* God first created man, then a woman. He first create a rough copy before working on the masterpeice.
I hope i lied enough to keep the ladies happy! 

                  Last year in 2009 was the first time when I saw two Hollywood movies in the multiplexes..2012 and Avatar in 3D..Saw 2012 in English version and Avatar 3D in Hindi version..I saw these movies just because I felt that these two films will be the rockers in the Oscars and I was very dissapointed to see the results of Oscar that my money got wasted on this films..100 on 2012 and 130 on Avatar 3D..2012 didn't got even a single nomination..I don't understand what attracted me towards this movie.I just loved 2012 but it seems to be like my favourites and likings are in the section of minorities that very less people love it..And talking about Avatar..Yes it is the biggest grosser ever in the history of Hollywood...but in the Oscar it has bagged only 3 awards out of 8..I am speechless with the results..Now after this I have decided that I was better as a boy from U.P. who loved Hindi movies...Kindly note- Hindi not Bhojpuri..Now I'll never watch an English movie and a Hollywood movie in the theatre..So insulting is it for me that I have seen two movies in my life in the theatre and both of them has done nothing great in the Oscars...

             Today someone has stolen my dear pen- Cello Gripper..Thats a different thin g that it costs just 10 INR but it was so dear to me that I'm feeling like crying after it is lost..Its so painful when your favourite objects are lost..and you feel so angry when you even know that some one has used his/her trick to disappear it from your pocket...

              Today I have filled up the form for PAN CARD..I have no Identity proof with me..I have jsut taken birth on this earth and just from that day I have started runnig on the earth without any proof about Who am I..I want to go abroad..I don't know when I'll get chance but I do know that I'll surely get once..But whenever I go to any agent for my passport formulation, he or she always reject me for the lack of stipulated documents and proofs with me..Everytime being desperate I return back..But then I decided that I'll get my PANCARD anyway..So finally I have applied for it and now the officer says that I'll get it in 15 days..PANCARD will reach at my home through mail..I dont think so that government will personally send it to me on time..It will atleast take 1 months and more..Just hoping to get it soon...

             Thanks..theres no special in today's blog..Just read it..as I have time to write and you all have time to read..so I wanted to give you something to read..so Enjoy this blog even if you didn't liked this..


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Wilshire said...

wow... I'm smirking right now! I never knew my comments are so nice to read! Maybe it comes naturally to me! Hehe.
Thanks for putting it up there! This is the 2nd time its up there, right? You know, sometimes I feel I should start my own blog too. But then there'll be many responsibilities with it. But I think I can handle them. But then again, I don't know.

Writing Buddha said...

Your comments are really very interesting and readable...that is why my friends always miss whenever u dont comment...everyone starts asking that aaj tere us dost wilshire ne comment nahi kiya...when u werent online for many days recently every1 started asking me ki tera uske saath jhagda hua h kya jo wo comment nahi kar rha hai..it was very hard to let them believe ki u r offline from many days..and result u have seen..that 1 of my nashik frnd- Mahesh have added u on orkut..just because of ur comments on my blog...and man now coming towardswhether u sud start blogging or not..Im suggesting u to move forward with twitter..thats an easy way to express ur self...blog is really tough..so its better to tweet rather than blog...Theres no doubt u can write blogs..but its better to be on twitter...blogging is sumthing where u sudnt participate daily like me..if u do one in week even if its lengthy ..its OK...so now its ur wish but ill suggest continue with ur twitter..

Wilshire Dias said...

Yayy!! I'm a celebrity! hehe!!

Writing Buddha said...

yes u really are...man..

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