5 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Desire / Thanks to VISHAL n YUSUF !!!

            147TH BLOG -->>

        Its a charm again for me as I'm reaching towards my 150th Blog...It feels so happy that your process isn't choked by some useless activities and you end up with a fail results for your desires..I never want my desires to be just a desire..I want them to be the reality..For that I want to struggle..I want to show up my will to achieve them..And if I fail...I can proudly say that I tried for it a lot but when It wasn't in my favour..How can I get it..God didn't decided this pleasure for me..He has much more than this for me and so he curved the situation in this way that I lossed the successful result..I never want to be sad..But the past and the remembrance of the past still bring tears...I dont want to cry but I don't want to laugh at my failures..I want to preserve that past of my life till the time I'm that old when my memories will start scramming..The avarice , covetousness and rapacity for the success and satisfaction is still alive..But the conditions haven't still moulded in that way where I can achieve everything easily..Actually the veraciousity is that Success is never easy..You have to slog and crawl to pass every hurdle to reach the destiny..Destiny isn't that interesting as the journey towards Success is..This is what I have experienced..Whenever you are running for something..You enjoy the breeze of the air..But as soon as you reach the point...There is no breeze..No wind..No Air..Only faints..Exhaustions and Sweats rolling from your body..This is what happens after Success..So just enjoy the journey...And pray that your success should be still far so that you can enjoy the journey more..Hope you Agree with me? HOPE HOPE HOPE !!!

            Today we had second presentation in our System Analysis class..I prepared the slide for Vishal as he is one of the good friends..There is always an Introduction Section, Explanatory section, Acknowledgement section and Bibliography section in your presentation when you present it on the Large screen on the wall of your big classroom..And when you present it..You always have a will and desire to do your best..and when you finish with your last slide..You just want to thank your teacher just because she will gift you with the Internal marks...and the only person you want to thank is yourself just because you feel you were the best while presenting..But Vishal crossed all the barriers today..Inspite of the competitors in his vicinage , he dared to THANK me with my name in large font in the Acknowledgement section..His words were ,"I would like to specially thank my friend- ABHILASH RUHELA- BLOGGER." And my name with my title ,hahaha, was in the large font..I was feeling very ashamed of viewing my name on this big screen and that too as a compliment..Thanking..This shows the Pure heart of Vishal..Nobody wants to give credit for a good work to someone else..and that too to a person who is a competitor..In the same race but Vishal did this..What A Big HEART he is carrying..This shows how the human being is..Vishal I want to thank you for the respect and love you gave me without any hem infront of the whole class and madam..You are really great..I can never forget this love from you till the last date of our graduation..My bow to you..Its easy to plaint but its hard to thank someone in public...Vishal-You are great !!!

             On the way to the college , when I and Yusuf reached Panvel - where we live..We decided to move to our respective homes after some chats and gossips..Its hard to be active and spry after attending continuous lectures for 7 hours..But when we are with our good loving friends you can be active even if you haven't slept for 50 hours incessantly..Yusuf asked me What is your past which ruined and sabotaged your two years..The man has asked this question for the first time after our first meet on 3rd August-2009..It tookhim all 7 months to come to this topic..But it didn't took me even 7 seconds to tell him the truth..Its very hard to describe the negative points of the religious people infront of the person who is of the same religion..But if the person is intellectual..He listen to it..He triesto analysis the situation and find who is the culprit and who is the criminal..Yusuf after hearing some part of my past was shocked..He was sad..He expressed and opined his sympathy..He was very said that this was done to me by some of the Muslim people ...Now you cannot term the whole caste as criminals..There are only two types of people in this whole world - Good People and Bad People..Theres no question about which religion they belong.Now there were some Muslim who ruined my life..and there are more Hindus than them who are jealous of me..A Hindu feels anger while listening to my past bcoz I was victim of the act of Muslim..But a Muslim feels sad to hear this that there are so bad people in their religion...So not every people in the religion is bad..Only 1% of them are bad..And media has highlighted that 1% of Muslims..Now concentrate on Hindu and you will get many like Aaasaraam Baapu, Saadhvi pragya, Raj thackeray, Pravin Mahajan, Sanjay Dutt etc. etc. etc.. So every religion is good..only that 1% of followers are bad...And Yusuf thanks for listening to the story and understanding that pain which I suffered..Thanks A Lot....You made my 4th March-2010 SPECIAL...

              Thanks for reading..


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Wilshire Dias said...

Like, were you in a communal riot or anything like that!
Whenever I meet any person, his religion is the last thing on my mind, for the simple reason, it does not interfere in any way.
But here are some statistics:
* I have loads of friends who are Hindus (almost all of them). Understandable.
* I hardly have any Christian friends (understandable, considering the Christian population in India is just 2%)
* But I hardly have any Muslim friends, just 3 of them. And they are my schoolmates.

Why don't I have any Muslim friends you ask? I don't know myself! I did have many Muslim friends, but we've moved away from each other as a result of shifting cities.
But if you look at it, I never even had Jewish, Buddhist friends either.
So these statistics don't mean anything actually.
I've never ever condemned any religion, caste, or group of people.
It is wrong to be prejudiced and biased for no plausible reason.

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire , Yaa man...I was in a communal riot yaar...That is why I wrote this topic..and I respect u for this that even u have the same thinking as mines as not discriminating and judging someone just bcoz of the religion he or she belongs...People do this mistake and I hate them for this...I dont know how people r so sick to judge people on their religious and regional bounds...People should be changed....People should be educated about this..

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