4 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny Newspaper Article / Pravin Mahajan / Anandi !!!

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             Today , I read this funny article in a Hindi Newspaper..I just went mad in laughter..Ye sub bhi hota hai is duniya mein..Its a news from MUMBAI...where a man in unconsciousness rapes a bitch-Female Dog..Uff!!! I specified the meaning of Bitch because now-a-days people refer their ex-girlfriends with this word-BITCH..So I made clear that I'm talking about the breed of dogs..The man was caught and has been jailed..And about the bitch reporter writes that She is in depression and has stopped consuming food and water..Hahaha..Even our human girls will not do this after rape..And see the feeling of an animal..Hahaha..I can't stop laughing after reading this article...From today itself, The respect for dogs and bitches in my mind and soul has proliferated...

              The BREAKING NEWS I saw between 5 to 6 PM was PRAVIN MAHAJAN's health is serious..I took it easy...As I knew that he is going unhealthy from last many days..But finally after 5 minutes, I saw that Man is dead..I was just shocked to hear this..Pravin Mahajan shooted his brother who was a politician-Pramod Mahajan within the last 5 years...Pramod Mahajan died at the spot..and in the case of killing his brother, he was sentenced imprisonment for all his lifetime..That time He wasn't sorry for what he did..he said at that very moment when he infiladed his brother...It was right what he did..Let his brother be a good person or bad..What was right at that very time was done by him...So without feeling guilty or sorry he went to jail...Then after 2 years, he started facing health problems..Some months ago, He was given bail for a short time for the medical treatment..He was suffering with Brain Hammerage..(Spelling can be WRONG)..And then today he died..I would say this man was LUCKY...Just in 4 years he died rather than spending all his lovely life in a jail...Superb fruit god has given him..We all don't know about his good qualities or activities...But god knows , That is why GOD gave him this pleasure to leave the earth which was a hell for him now...The only object which is rotating and revolving all around in my brain is RAHUL MAHAJAN's SWAYAMWAR...He is the son of Pramod Mahajan..In the Hindu rituals, If a family person takes off, all the family members dont celebrate any festival and occasion for 1 year...So even if his Chacha(Uncle) was a villain for his family..He was attached through the same blood..Now will he postpone his marriage for 1 year as it is this bad news surrounding him..Lets see..What steps will Rahul Mahajan take in his life..

               Again a BREAKING NEWS which flashed was something which wasn't capable of being a Breaking News and a Headline but what I have to do..Breaking News said,"Anandi of Balika Vadhu is going to DIE in the programme" Now whats great in this news? Every day in my routine, I once act as Im dead..So that means I should be in the headlines..in the same way this girl is acting to be dead..and its a headline...But now talking about BALIKA VADHU..I would like to appreciate the director of the show..Balika Vadhu is an awesome and flawless show..Everyone therefore loves it..But I hope that ANANDI's fan will feel so bad that they will buy a flat near Anandi's real home..There are two climaxes which director is going to shoot..1 is where she will die as a bullet will hit her.. and 2nd She will be going to COMA..Actually Anandi refused to work more in the program and thus said she wants to quit..and she isn't agreeing to come back sometimes in the future..So director is confused..which scene to finalized..He want to finalize COMA so that if she agrees he can bring her back..

           Feeling sleepy..Sorry for grammar mistake..as my eyes were closed while writing more than half of the blog...BYE..


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Wilshire said...

Oh dude! Your blog was, infact, full of errors! Both grammar and spelling! But I will overlook it. I understand you were sleepy. But I'd still want to point out to you the mistakes that caught my eye.
1) When you said 'bitch' you said you were speaking of the breed of dogs, when infact, you should have said 'species'.
2) You said 'Pravin Mahajan shooted his brother'. You should have said 'shot'.
3) Haemorrhage!
etc, etc.

Also, there were many grammatical mistakes in sentence construction.

It's not that I'm bent on showing you your mistakes or that I wan to show my linguistic prowess. Its just that I feel a bit cranky today. Given a gun, I think I'd go on a rampage!

Coming to your blog, the headlines! I knew that some people under the influence speak their heart out and act as their inner self. But taking advantage of a hapless canine! I wonder why the dog didn't bite him. The dog had the capability to kill him, since he was under the influence. Any cornered animal is dangerous. Dogs are underestimated as just defenceless strays, but in reality they hunt in groups and have been known to kill unattended children. Not that they are heartless creatures, but they do it for dominance or survival. Also note that dogs are fiercely faithful to their master. They risk their lives to protect their masters. A man can betray you but your dog will never.
As for Anandi, I'm glad she'll die. I'm totally fed up of all the TV programmes that only portray village lifestyles, family issues, love affairs, old ideologies, etc. I wish all of those serials which revolve this come to an end. Balika Vadhu isn't all that bad. The creators of it wanted to highlight the flaws and wrongs of old customs. But there should be other serials which have better entertainment value. One such is Mahi Way on Sony. I really enjoy it. I mostly miss the show and have to catch up with it on youtube. I'd recommend you to have a look at it Abhilash.
So thats all for today. I hope to catch up with you on your next blog!

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire...Thanks for revealing my grammar mistakes...I knew after completing the blog that there are many mistakes..but the eyes refused to correct them..and so left them as they were..vbcoz everyone is not so familiar with english as u r...There was no noe who caught the mistakes...So with me u have also slapped them..hahaha....good good...

torrent download said...

Interesting.. Ha..Ha..Ha.. :D

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha... thanks Torrent downloader..

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