20 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Haters Reading too / Don't be Proudy !!!

            159TH BLOG -->>

 I always thought that my blog is read only by the people who love me and like me but today when I received a sms from a girl in my class stating that I shouldn't use her name in my blog henceforth.This alerted me that even your enemies are reading you.Of course the girl was NOT Prema. She was someone else.But I don't care much.Because when I write , I write wit hall the patience and with all the propensity towards my feeling rather than what other feel.The motive behind starting blog was to express myself in public.Now that is on the people to take me as a Hero or a Villain. If I'll commit a crime, I'll write here..because that will be my truth..now its upon you to love me or hate me for that..but the motive behind the blogs will not be changed..The day I started writing my blogs..I committed myself and even wrote in my personal diary that what are the reasons of writing the blogs so that after sometime when I'll start rambling, I can read it and control myself.

            Yesterday when I wrote in Prema's words..Many readers didn't deciphered that it was me..they thought that it was written by Prema herself..No my friends..I was with her in every moment of her worst day so I thought that if I would be at the place of that girl what I would have felt at the situations and the troubles which came incessantly on our path..So I wrote it in a way that Prema was describing the incident..and when you all misapprehended the right writer..I'm blithe..Now I'm feeling that I'm successful..

             Wilshire said today that he can't see Real Abhilash in the blogs now..He feels that I have changed my modus operandi and I'm diverting my styles of writing exuberantly..Wilshire and everyone of you who feel this, Sorry that I can't keep you happy but after I got the ranking...I have started reading other blogs too from other writers..and I feel that everyone of them use different forms of writings..So I feel that even I should step in different and various forms..because of this you all may be feeling that you aren't getting the same Abhilash who used to hold you on his blog..and you were unable to move without reading..For aggravating my rank, I'll have to try different forms of writing then only I'll be moved up in the list of top bloggers..Even this 158th BLOG which was in Prema's fragrance was a try and I got a good response...So friends help me in trying to be a writer of various forms of writing..

             After watching Dance India Dance, I felt so proud of these superstars-Jeetendra and Mithun Da..They are so normal calm and down-to-earth even after unlimited success they have achieved..They appreciated this contestant who are nothing..Just a struggler..and these superstars are achievers..they have already achieved every milestone which a human wants to cross in his life..We should learn from this..Let us be how tall we are but we should know to respect and admire the one who are still shorter than us..We shouldn't be so much proud of ourself that we forget to be human and we start acting like god..No ..dont do that..Even after achieving every success and excellence..Be a learner rather than a teacher..Don't start teaching people about what you are..Start learning from the people so that you can grow more..Try to erudite something rather than being ostentatious...Otherwise you will surely annihilate..Geeta Kapoor -one of the masters of Dance India Dance started being proud of herself..She started over-acting..She had over-confidence on herself about the contestants she got..Mostly because of Dharmesh Sir as he is a flawless performer..He was getting the highest numbers of votes continuously from last 3 weeks and because of the presence of Geeta Kapoor on the screen, people started hating her team and the result is that this week's highest voted performer is Shakti from Terence's group..So you can see the alacrity in the result of being proud of yourself..Be normal even after achieving your biggest goal or turning your dream into a reality...Hope you got what stuck to me which made this 159th blog..

              Thanks..and please share how was today's blog in normal default font and colour? Was it special or what I did till today with colours were special...


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Wilshire Dias said...

I am puzzled at this moment.
Do you write your blog get a better ranking?
Or do you write it to express yourself?
Are you running after something that is materialistic or rather do you want to do something that satisfies you.
SO this change in strategy is just so that you gain a better rank.
Are you writing a script for a TV serial or a movie?! This is appalling!
I am never against new and innovative ideas but then it seems you have different motives that what you portrayed.
I might not be with you on this, for the simple reason that you are foolishly in pursuit of instant success.
Yes, I am enraged by this selfish motive of yours.
Well I am no one to brand it as a 'selfish motive' but it seems so.
My advice to you is that you slowly and subtly change your literature.
Let it be a slow transformation rather than a sudden jump into the unknown.
That way you'll be able to gauge if your writing is gaining attention or not.
I hope you implement my advice.
Well its just an advice.
People are always free to take it or leave it.
(I'm not hinting you. Don't get me wrong!)

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