25 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Presentation of My Life !!!

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               Finally the days are over and tomorrow I'll have to give and present the first presentation of my life..I thought so much about what will I post a day before on my blog about the excitement of the presentation but right now I have no thoughts rather than my shivering fingers and shivering thoughts..I'm just thinking of finishing my presentation rather than doing very best in it..There's a will to do the best but I know there's no scope to do something where the claps will fill its chatter in the classroom..My colleagues can throw empty refills and their smelly socks on my face if they didn't loved my presentation..Going for the first experience of my life..and experiencing something for the first time comes only once in the life..So as this is very special day for me, I would like to give my best..Do my best..and Score best..Else everything is related to my performance and teacher's mood..Because presenter can do the worst and can ruin and sabotage teacher's mood and score less mark and even presenter have the quality to hold every one in the audience and make them pleased by your interacting and speaking power that their heart say ki KEEP GOING ON , DON'T STOP...Else lets see...Only 9 hours are remaining for the presentation..I have efforted a lot for making the slides but I haven't prepared for explaining and elaborating my topic and making it easy for my classmates to understand it..But I hope to manipulate madam's mind and score well..My good friends like Yusuf,Vandana and Prema have scored 9, 10 and 9 out of 10 respectively..I shouldn't get less than them otherwise they will look at me like a Bhojpuri-speaking boy came in a high-class party where there are American English's accent rich people..My sixth sense is saying that I'll score 8 out of 10 but lets see what the sun of tomorrow bring for me..

               I'm very sad that my concentration and dedication for studies is so much reduced that I have started hating my course's book and notes..I don't feel like touching them..and then on top of that there are some friends showing attitude..I don't care much for them but the anger on their sick behaviour rises so high that I feel like leaving everything and go somewhere far away in the world of peace..And that is nowhere except Heaven..Waiting for the death now to come naturally and show me the peaceful world so that I can breathe properly..Whenever someone ignore me, I love that person for doing this because I know he is hating the most lovable person...I'm loved by all for my sweetness and frankness..I share everything and so everyone know what Our Abhilash is...They don't want any proof about what kind of personality I am..If I say something everyone believes me just because I have the least propensity of malaising someone..But I love maintaining enemity with someone for a long time to show him/her that How much was I loyal as a friend and how much were you..I spoke truth..You spoke lie...and many facotrs in it..Don't want to discuss them in detail as slumberness is all around in the environment of my bedroom..

             My childhood's best friend-Gaurav is sleeping on my bed without wearing shirt..This is the time for me to check whether I am a gay or straight..and Yaa I tested myself..He is sleeping on my bed and I'm working on my lappie sitting on the floor..so this is the biggest proof of my straightness with respect to type of sex..otherwise I would be with him right now on the bed..without shirt..and my hands on him and my head on his chest..Uff...Lets leave the topic otherwise you will ask me how come do you know so much about the feelings of gay..

              Tomorrow the first presentation is going to be given by Manoj, then by me, Prasad and at last Arya will end the series of 4th presentation..Best of lick to everyone as we will all try to make 25th March the best day of the presentation..I'm very much excited for my first presentation but I still have a fear about my hands and legs shivering infront of the class thinking about my performance..And then some faces in the class which will boycott me to think about my presentation and I'll be more interested in getting disturbed by their unusual expressions..And then at last I want all of you(my classmates) to support me and help me while presentation..and friends No questions allowed if you want to ask me any doubt..Ask me personally after the presentation..Don't try to be professional otherwise I'll put your formal dress on fire..Try to co-operate rather than pushing me into woe..

              Thanks and Friends, please pray for my performance to be Ok..Ok...I can always do something only when you all pray for me otherwise I lose...Please Help Me..Thanks..


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Wilshire said...

Don't worry too much about your presentation.
Worrying has never done good to anyone.
Keep a calm mind and a positive attitude.
Your confidence it the most useful tool that'll come in handy.
And I'd say you're bisexual, rather than straight or gay.
If you were straight you'd never mention anything about a topless Gaurav in the first place!
Just kidding! Or you'll think I'm out to make fun of you.
Best wishes for that presentation of your's.

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire...thanks for the wishes you gave to me for my presentation..finally I did 10 on 10...Just loved giving presentation..It was a wonderful experience..and man hahaha....thanks to myself that I havent used a poll for this that Im gay or straight or bisexual...otherwise ur vote at bisexual would have f*cked me...Hahahaha....

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