7 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny- Fight with My Relative & Father !!!

            149TH BLOG -->>

         Finally Rahul Mahajan's Drama ended with his marriage with Dimpy Ganguly...I just loved all the nautanki which was set by NDTV IMAGINE.. A perfect drama for us..I never have found any show as comedy and funny as both the Swayamwars..According to my sixth sense- Swayamwar-3 is going to be of Sambhavna Seth..and I hope that my prediction turns into a reality so that you all start believing and admiring me as a soothsayer and fortune-teller..Hahaha...

             Today I have added an element in my blog page--Its ACKNOWLEDGEMENT..I have thanked everyone whoever I felt is important in my blogging life and this element will be updated time to time as the people will come forward to participate in my blogs, either directly or indirectly.Hope you all go through the Acknowledgement link and read it once.

             When I was writing my blog yesterday about my relatives, I knew that there will be some polemy..There will be atleast one of my relatives who will read this and will burn into ashes after reading this..and Yes according to my belief and expectation..I received a call from one of my relative ..Now in the conversation further -R will refer to the relative who called me and A will refer me..Now read the conversation and enjoy..

R: What was the need of thrashing our relatives infront of everyone? Whatever you want to say, say it on our face, no one will scold you.

A: I'm Sorry if you felt bad. (I said this just to chill his ashes which were giving out smoke)

R: If you are feeling so much of guilt, then apologize infront of everyone in your next blog.When you can thrash infront of everyone , you should also know to apologize infront of the mob.

A: This will never happen. Im never going to apologize for this infront of everyone.Im saying you sorry now because you are feeling bad to hear the truth.

R: Maatlab tum nahi maanogey?

A: NO.

R: Just meet me this time, I'll show you.

A: I'm not interested in meeting you.

R: We will see. And why did you write about the girl of the family?

A: Whatever my heart said , I wrote . If the girl is so immaculate and clean, tell her to comment on the blog , I'll publish it as a blog.

R: We are not like you to do all this useless stuff.

A: I know this.For reaching upto the level of people of Mumbai, you will have to put a lot of efforts.

R: Shameless Creature !!! This fame and success never remains for a long time. There will come a day when there will be no readers for your written stuffs and blogs.

A: Whatever will happen will happen. You don't try to be Bejan Daruwala. 

            After saying this , I disconnected the phone.Then my father said," Saale kaminey, likhney se pehle bataya kyu nahi, teri ye jyaada chalney waali ungliyaan kaat deta." I replied,"Rotten family and so much of pride on it" Then my mother came in between and said," This family has this thing only - Zindgi Jhandd Baa, Fir bhi Ghamand Baa.." After this father kept quiet. Then after gaining more strength,he said," I'll disconnect the internet now." I replied," I'll submit the leaving application in the college and will leave all the studies and will come and sit at home." Then he said ,"You are not going to be writer, dont see the great dreams." I replied,"The day I'll receive the award for NATIONAL BESTSELLER AUTHOR, I'll not take your name in the THANK LIST." He replied,"Dekhtey hain beta, Tu bhi ZINDA hai, Main bhi ZINDA hu."

           Then father said,"Whatever you want to fight, fight on your basis. teri wajah se saare bhaaiyon se door ho jaaunga." I replied," Toh kaun saa saath mein hoke aap logo ne duniya hilaa diya hai." He replied," You are the only child naa, I'll see what will you do being alone." Then I passed his dialogue again to him,"Aap bhi ZINDA hain, Main bhi ZINDA hu, dekhengey."

           With this..The controversy of 148th blog..ended and it gave me 149th blog to write..I hope you all enjoyed me fight against Ruhelas..Hahaha....I hope nobody of you would have ever dared to do this what I have ... Just try to moot your voice against your relatives and throw away the useless relations...Its 4 AM now..This is the first time I'm publishing my blog so late...Also check out the Acknowledgement section - http://www.bloggerabhilash.info/p/acknowledgement.html ..



9 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

Wilshire Dias said...

Wow! My name crept up into the acknowledgement page! That mean my comments are criticised and reviewed and debated upon. I never asked or even thought about all this. But I'm glad for this.
Coming up to the central topic of your blog, your relatives. Or instead should I say, the fight between you and your relatives.
I should say, your blog yesterday was deadly.
Let me elaborate 'deadly' for you. Deadly like a sword. Fast, swift, sharp. And it leads to a fast death. Rather it should have been like a 'blunt'. I'll elaborate: blunt, hard, painful, which most probably leaves a wound that can't be seen, but felt. That should have been the case. But what is done is done. Let us forget about that.
Now your relatives actually call you to reprimand you over the phone. It first of all means that they too read and follow your blogs. So it really is a good thing! But then the attitude your relatives show you is appalling. It doesn't seem they like you. They aren't indifferent towards you, but they rather try to. You should have pointed out their mistakes without using profanities. But I understand that this blog is a way to voice out your thoughts to all your well wishers, friends and your followers. You should have been blunt rather than sharp. You should have dropped subtle hints so that your relatives come to know that you are aware of their behaviour and that also gives them a chance to correct themselves. You should always extend a hand of friendship to everyone. It doesn't matter if they don't accept it or if you don't have time to fulfil your obligations. But thats a different thing. Let me sum up the whole thing because I dont have much time to keep writing. You did go a little over-the-top there. But its alright. Your relatives did not approve this and they call you. But instead of sorting out the differences they rebuked you. This can't be good. Your dad wants to be on good terms with them. But you don't see the need to have such people in your life. I can comprehend. But you too should understand that you need to be diplomatic at times, not just straightforward. I've learn't it the hard way. So now, let all this go. Life's great. Enjoy it. And don't haggle over this topic anymore. If you relatives have a big heart they will forget it too. This is a test for them. Oh, tell them to read my comments.

Anonymous said...

..........hahaaha...thatz all..;)
keep it up...itz your blog..write whatever u feel...best wishes.


Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire, yaa u r right..jo ho chukah ai wo to chuka hai....in rishtedaaro ka bahut sahaa hai yaar..to bus jaisa mann kiya waise inki ijjat utaar di maine blog pe....aisi baat nahi hai ki mujhe bura nahi laga unke baare mein waise likhne mein lekin jab unhone aajtak mere liye kuch atcha nahi kiya hai toh main kyu karun...I know ki mujhe unse kabhi kuch nahi milne waala...1 sweet aur pyaara word bhi nahi to unke baare me soch k kya faayda..dosti ka haath badhaa ke kya faayda..aur un ghamandiyo k saamne main kyu jhunku.....main kabhi nahi jhukne waala....aaj tak itney din ho gae blog likhtey hue..un logo ko pataa bih hai..saale padhtey bhi hai lekin kabhi compliment nahi diyaa.a...jabki jo door k rishte daar they..door ke tauji aur door ke bhaiyya...unke comment regular aatey hain..lekin jo sagey hain kareeb hai...unke kabhi nahi aaye..to jo log mujhe motivate nahi akr saktey..wo log intejaar kar rrahe they mere suicide commit karne kaa to unke baare me kuch bhi sochna mere liye main uchit nahi samazta.....isliye maine jaisa bhi maara..sharp ya blunt..bas itna jaanta hu ki maara....aur kuch nahi...

Writing Buddha said...

Mahesh..yaa man...its my blog and ill write whatever ill feel.....and thanks for loving it and laughing on the content of the blog..hahaha

Yusuf said...

Hi veeruji i really appreciate ur dareness towards ur relatives but i should say that u should not hv to express ur feelings in ur blog.as it may give the rise of any big family issue.what is the meaning of tauji?

Writing Buddha said...

Yusuf...Thanks for loving my dareness..hahaha....tauji matlab baap ka badaa bhaai..

Wilshire Dias said...

they read ur blogs yet they dont comment or offer their views!
idiot relatives!!
tell them to read this comment of mine!!
and jo mera dost ka bura chahta, woh mera jaani dushman hai..!!

Wilshire Dias said...

Please understand this Veeru that I'm not criticising your move of publishing your family matter. I just wished that you put in a more subtle way. Ofcourse, each person has his own way of thinking and I encourage every person to follow his own way. So if you thought well in advance, and then structured your blog, its fine. If I was in your place I'd make it a little subtle. But since this is the way you wanted it to be published, its your wish. Keep writing and jotting down your thoughts! Best of luck!

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Wilshire, u r right and thanks for giving me space...Actually I love your way of criticism..Its very sweet..hahaha..U tell me where to improve and where to not...I just love reading ur views and feedbacks on my blogs..And Im happy that u not using that whard words here while commenting bcoz frnds ko samaz nahi aa paata tha..hahaha...ab unhe tera comment samaz aata hai...

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