21 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Heart Says....

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           When she smile , I smile .. When she laugh , I laugh .. When she speak, I listen .. When she listen , I speak ..When she calls me , I speak less n listen more.. I call her, she speak less and I say more. When she clap..I clap.. When she sing..I go into her feelings.. When I sing, she goes into mines.. When she rub her eyes.. I glare them..and sing - 
Koi fariyaad tere dil mein dabii ho jaise,         
Koi fariyaad tere dil mein dabii ho jaise,   
Tune aankho se koi baat kahii ho jaise..
Jaagte jaagte ek umar katii ho jaise..
Jaan baaki hai magar saans ruki ho jaise....When she adjust her hairs...I look at them and think of playing with them..When she holds my hand..I glare her long nails covered by pink nail-paint with blue-outlines on it..When she pat my cheeks, I see the world in her eyes..and when I catch her hand she gives me the most powerful smile of this world..When she comes with the perfume, I keep my nose near to her neck for smelling her body..When I spray the perfume, she keeps her head near to my chest and heart so that she can smell the fragrance of my body..She is so beautiful...so charming..so loving..so close..but still not mines..with every sentence I can never use this one- When she says I love you, I too say I love you..No ..I can't say this because still the feelings of love and passionate emotions not unbosomed..Still the drops of rain haven't shown any romance on us..The cool atmosphere when sun is covered by clouds haven't dropped the best loving kiss of her on my cheek...Still the most child day of the winter haven't bought any moment of both of us sleeping in a single blanket..Still many things are awaiting to happen..

           Still the world is left to be more beautiful for me because they are far away as nobody of us dare to say and opine aur feeling for each other..I can see her twinkling eyes saying only my name...and she can observe my eyes in love with her..I know this because whenever I look her with all the love in my eyes..She feels shy and then doesn't face me for next many seconds as she isn't comfortable to me still as a fear lies within her feelings..Either they are parents, brother or past relationships..I don't care..When she haven't asked about any girl in the contact list of my mobile phone, Why should I enquire about every boy who sends her SMS and she keeps them safely as they are the one she will live with all her life..When her lips move to speak something to me, My eyes moves with them to love them without any touch..When she eats something and then use her tongue to wipe the remaining part with her tongue on her lips..I feel the color of pink as the most romantic color..Her tongue is so pink..so attractive..I want to keep this memory in my heart forever..When she laughs on my jokes..it is the time when my heart goes Hmmm..Hmmm..Hmmm...

          The excitement for her move of bodies still lies in me..With her every breathe..Her breast moves and with that she grows more sexier..whenever she adjust her T-shirt , the move of her flexible waist clots my sight..The exorbitant feel for her manumits my will to go ahead and dance with her..with one hand on that fair waist with the most sweet navel on her abdomen..and the second at her shoulder which moves whenever she is confused with her hands..The dream girl is just with me and I can't speak anything to her..The fear of hearing NO..the fear of losing this face-to-face conversation..The fear of the love getting squalor between our eyes..Nothing is permanent..Not even her smile..When she cries..Her each droplets makes me so sad and schmaltz that only thing remains in the life after that is LAST BREATH...I want to die in your arm baby..I want to have the sweetest lip-lock with you..the most passionate smooch with you..and the most pleasurous s*x with you..Live the whole life with you...change the huggies for our children just for you..cook food for you when you will se sick..give surprise on your birthday with the most romantic balloons and flowers in our bedroom at the first visibility after you open your eyes in the morning..at our every marriage anniversary I want to go for a long ride with you at 11 in night with less people around and with a romantic tune in our car with a romantic and sensuous smell of air freshner..and then going to one of the expensive restaurant at night 3 ..eat there...and then return to home again at 5 in the morning..change our clothes and then go to terrace and watch the sun rise together..and after it rises..both of us go to sleep then after making some love..and wake up in afternoon and then receive friends's call for the wishes of anniversary and share it with each other with our hand and finger locked with each other..and then at the eve of our anniversary go to the multiplex for the most romantic film and see each other rather than the movie and feel the love between the distance of her eyes..

          This all starts with only three letters - I LOVE YOU.. Please do say this because my lips suffer thunder when you are infront of my eyes..Please do opine your feeling if it is more me, only for me...but please think before because I don't want to leave you then because now I'm really broken with my unsuccessful past relations..I just want to keep you with me for the whole lifetime..I said naa I want to die in your beautiful arms..and plz dont put your beautiful little finger on my lips the time when I'll gain the confidence to speak up my feelings to you as you always do when I describe why I wrote the particular thing in my blog..and please read this lines before speaking about your love to me -
Chahey jo tumhe poorey dil se..
Milta hai wo mushkil se..
Aisa jo koi kahiin hai..
Bas wohi subse haseen hai..
Us hath ko tum thaam lo..
Wo meherbaan Kal Ho Naa Ho..

          Just see the tears in my eyes and understand my love for you..I don't have money but I promise we will be wealthy when I'll earn..I don't have beauty but I promise that I'll develop it with the growing age..I dont have success but I promise that I'll be successful when you will hold my hand..At this time of the night at 3.30 AM..I'm thinking of no one except you and having tears in my eyes..Isn't this called LOVE? If Yes then do come to me and if No..then I'm sick..don't love me but hate me so much that ultimately- KILL ME because I can't live more with this illness....

          Bye Baby...

Yours lovingly,

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angie said...

hey...i am not reakky sure if i should comment because it seems as if this bolg was written with someone in mind...any way hope u get the girls of ur dreams...

MahesH said...

Koi baat tere BLOG mein KAHI ho jaise,
Koi baat tere dil mein ho KAHI ho jaise,
Tune UNGLIYO se koi baat LIKHI ho jaise..
Jaagte jaagte BLOG pADHTA hu jaise..
Padhte padhte kabhi Bore jaaye toh faltu ki Shayari likh de dil SE... haha... [;)]

Writing Buddha said...

Hey angie(as i said u last time that Ill call u angie only on my blog as aunty doesnt suits this name, R u ok with it?)..arre wat happens if im writing sumthing by keeping sumone in my mind..its just that im turning my thoughts and emotions in a writing..so its all about commenting on the writing..whether it took a good form or worst...and where were u lost in between? no comments..no online..no chatting..hmm?

Writing Buddha said...

Waah Mahesh waah...Dil jeet liyaa bhaai...kya shayari...waah bhaai waaah....im speechless....Keep writing twitter..u can do it......u have won my heart man...

Wilshire Dias said...

Why did you have to be so mushy and all!
It felt weird! I'm not into romantic stuff! Its not my piece of cake. But i still managed to browse through it.
"Her breast moves and with that she grows more sexier"
"I want to have the sweetest lip-lock with you..the most passionate smooch with you..and the most pleasureful sex with you"
Haha!! I couldnt help snickering!!
Hmmm.. seems physical satisfaction is an important factor in relationships for you.
Not that its wrong! Its totally alright.
Physical intimacy plays a very important role.
I cant say too much, for the simple reason, I'm not too much into love and romantic mushy stuff.
Guess what, today I'm using a laptop, just like you do. I'm sitting outside the building, there's strong wind blowing here. Its seems so lonely at this moment.
You know what, I'd recommend you to write your blogs outside your house for a change. Its so much more pleasant than the confines of a suffocating room.

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire, the world says again and again about Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet..have u read it? No..thats why u felt here me as trying to be more physical rather than the love at heart...U read the Romea and Juliet..there are so many sexual topics in it...U will feel that the book is about sex and not love..Thats where it goes..Shakespeare writes no problem..but a small writer like me writes...its a big deal to catch me..I wrote good sentences and feelings too..but u didnt said anything about them..that is the difference wen u try to find mistakes just bcoz romantic stuff is not ur piece ofcake..try to make urself a public and see it in every angle of camera rather than the angle u life...

And Yaa I wrote about physicalness...Just let me know wats difference between loving a girl or her body? Girl is a girl bcoz of her body..boys love them bcoz of their body...gals love boys bcoz of our physique..love ends at sex..this is the fact....so wat wrong hv i written..nothing...every writer writes this way only ...

And yaar fir wohi baap waala factor aa jaata hai laptop ko ghar ke bahar le jaane mein..ek baar balcony me rakkha tha to baap bolta hai balcony me kyu chalaa rha hai? kauwe(crow) ne ispe hag diya to khraab ho jaayega..ab soch le...hahaha....

Wilshire Dias said...

See I never said I am amused by your way of writing.
Its just that I find such stuff too romantic and all.
I am in no way repulsed or disgusted by today's blog. Its just that it didn't click.
Neither did I say anything bad about the way you portrayed physical intimacy.
I found it uneasy for the simple reason, that, i never came across such literature before.
I am guessing Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet must be quite similar too. (I've never read R&J)
And again you are wrong, love doesn't end with sex. I understand that different people have different views,but I know for fact that it actually helps to develop closeness. Do a little research yourself and you'll soon agree with me.
And please understand this.
I'm just like any other of your readers. I come here solely for entertainment. Don't expect me to shower praises on you. You're writing has been satisfactory, but not exemplary. Infact there were numerous grammatical errors that kept jumping out of the beautiful story.
Almost as if, I'm driving a Bentley and I keep hitting potholes as I drive.
I'm not saying that your writing was bad. But it wasn't extra ordinary either. So no cookies for you!
Keep up the good work.
love and wishes,

MahesH said...

.......phir pyar me pad gaya??????????


MahesH said...


Writing Buddha said...

haan yar kya karein ye pyaar cheez hi aisi hai bina bataaye aa jaati hai...

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