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Daya darwaza...

Recently I’ve been getting these crazy SMSs related to CID the supposedly thrilling crime series which plays on Sony. I dunno whats with the Sony guys coz whenever I see the Program schedule on my Tata Sky (btw Tata Sky is awesome and I hope they send me some money for this), most of the slots are filled with CID! It plays right from 2 pm to 7 pm only to give way to a different program called CID Classics which goes on for an hour kinda.

I mean I know that Sony is a very popular channel and CID may have been its most successful running series in the history of the channel, but OMG more than 6 hours of daily constant interrogating would even make ACP Pradyuman weak!

I’ve never been a fan of CID much. But now I watch it just to make comments on every aspect. Its so much fun! I even have friends who would let go of a free drinking session if it came in the CID time slot! Lately I’ve been learning that the makers of CID are being inspired by Sooraj Barjatiya coz they are trying to insert every possible genre into the series. Crime, Thriller is okay… But now you got Sci-Fi, Romance, Mythology and everything else under the sun! Its even got a facebook page named “Daya Darwaza tod do”

Coming back to the post, I must confess that I’ve been watching CID recently just to get hold of some of the silly shayaris that are sent to me. I may even invent some of my own but I fear Daya will Tod my Darwaza and the ACP will grill me!

Here are some-

  • Mere ghar ke peechhe se beheta ek naala hai, ABHIJEET daal mein jaroor kuch kaala hai!
  • Thande Thande paani se nahana chahiye… DAYA hame us jagah par aur ek baar jaana chahiye
  • 5 Rs. Ka ek samosa, 10 Rs. Ke do, ACP kehte hai DAYA Darwaza to do.
  • Ye haseen vadiyaan ye khula aakaash… OH MY GOD ABHIJEET ek aur laash!
  • Gaay ko angrezi mein kehte hai cow, Kuch to baat hai DAYA pata lagao
  • Aasman mein chamakte Chand taaron… Daya saari Mumbai Chhaan maro!
  • Mehnat ka paseena sir se na pocho… ACP kehte hai Socho DAYA socho.
  • Aaj kal CID ki shayari ka keher hai, Salunkhe says "Maut ka karan zeher hai."
  • Shaam ho gayi, Suraj Dhal gaya.... Daya, Quatil ka pata chal gaya!
  • Kaamgaar  pathhar jor jor so phodta hai... Khooni kitna bhi chalakh ho, Surag jaroor chodta hai!
  • Paisa jiska hai, item uski hai... Salunkhe pata lagao ye fingerprint kiski hai.

Okay I agree that some of these are pretty lame but you have to admit that the fan following of CID is absolutely crazy! Reader are invited to post more of these kinda shayaris in the comments (only CID related)

And if anyone knows someone who works on the CID crew, please keep me anonymous otherwise the next episode will be “Case of the missing Blogger”

My Sincere apologies to ACP and DAYA (Just in case they follow this blog secretly). I must say you guys are doing a great job!

PS: I can’t go on bashing CID just for the sake of it. There are some points which are commendable too. E.g. the story of the episode ends with the episode. Therez no ‘to be continued’ I simply hate those who keep a crime series going on just because they want the viewers to come back.
CID rocks coz the CID ppl know that no matter what, people are gonna come back for more and more and more!

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