15 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha


            154TH BLOG -->>

         Where are your new blogs? This is the question asked to me many a times in this two days.Mind cerebrates only when it is happy..The sadness and stress never let your brain do what you want it to do..It focuses on that little part which you dont want to think about.The same happened with me for the two days.In this days, I thought of analysing myself rather than writing blogs.I know I can't live without blogs but sometimes you want to be alone..The reason is just because there's a fear in your heart that the truth and your anxiety for a particular situation and condition will be revealed and divulged if you will speak much in the situation of stress..Because of this same fear , I didn't came online for writing blogs. And this lead to deduction in 500 Clicks on my blogs.You can see it in the analysis above my blogs. Life shows you new chapters..And you are the main character of all the storylines in the chapters.If the main character fears..and doesnt turns the page for the next chapter , the whole story ends then and there..I didn't wanted to do this, So I'm back again..I just wanted to give some time to myself so that I can recover from some pains and unusuality..I just salute my life because it is really so interesting that I feel like keep writing about it but then I think its my life- Why will others read it..Before doing anything these types of ceasing questions takes birth in my brain which leads to limits on the content of the blog.

            Today, I was watching Dance India Dance(Repeat telecast)..There's a contestant named Shakti.Her face resembles with a girl in my class. Shakti's smile and her smile is exactly the same..While I was watching her dance and speak, I was thinking of my classmate because she is one of the good friend and the face like hers was infront of my eyes..So forgive me my dear friend..If you got some hichkis and all becaue I was remembering you..

            I was reading a trade results of the bollywood films which are highest grossers in UK.Recently, My Name Is Khan has surpassed the record of UK collection of Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham which was standing at the top position from last 9 years..And I viewed the whole list and what I saw was surprising..Among the Top 10 films, 9 are the films in which Shahrukh Khan has acted..It is a record..The only one film which has marked its presence in the Top 10 List is 3 IDIOTS which is at No.5. I never knew that Shahrukh is so liked by the foreigners..What do they like so much in him that they dont run behind other bollywood actors? Why cant they notice Perfections of Aamir, Dance of Hrithik, Comedy of Akshay. Either they are blind or our bollywood films aren't distributed there properly.Whatever Shahrukh Khan is KING at UK...and we should salute him for this remarkable achievement..

           Today Aamir Khan had his 45th Birthday. The man of Perfection also called as ACE KHAN.Its really great if someone calls you MR. PERFECTIONIST and Aamir Khan is called this by all the people of this world.. After Amitabh Bachchan he is the only actor who has gained such respect in the people's heart that as soon as the name of the man is announced, People stand in respect..It is said that no human can touch Amitabh Bachchan..In the same way it is said that no one can touch the excellence of Aamir Khan..And it is true..You can see from his collection of his last 3 films- 3 Idiots, Ghajini and Taare Zameen Par.. The man has collected more than 1000 Crores from his last 5 films which is a record in India..No actor has earned so much incessantly in a series..This man promises audience to entertain them and not to win award..and Yes..even we dont experience pain when he is not given Filmfare even after nominations..Because he is very high from all the comtemporary actors..This is my thought on Amir..Yours can differ..

           Yesterday , Yusuf Pathan completed his fastest century in IPL in just 37 Balls..People asked What breakfast did you had in the morning? and the answer from him was the He had no breakfast in the morning..Then rockstar from where did you gained this power to make this kind of physical record? We have read in science in our school days about The energy our body gains from the food we eat..Now when you didn't had breakfast, from where did you got energy? Are you Jadoo from Koi Mil Gaya who gets his energy from Sun...You are really one from the best we can find..Whenever you stick to your performance on the field...You make people have their mouth wide open in extol..Hands in the air invertebrately..And no blinking of the eyes...When I heard of your record..I was feeling Why not Sachin this time? because now I have a habit of listening records only of Sachin's...Now Im happy that one more Indian has performed and made his position high...We Indians don't need much motivation..We just need faith..and see this is what we do..

           I have added a new element to my blog at the top right corner where you can enter your email address and can receive my blog's posts whenever I write daily in your Inbox..So you just have to enter your email address..Type the letters as shown in the figure..and then click on a link sent in your mailbox...Just a little process and it will be easy for you to read my blogs daily...Else if you want to come to my Blog page daily then you all are always welcome..You can come here daily rather than calling my blogs at your email address..Agar thak gaya toh fir aap logo ko pareshaani ho jaayegi..Right??

            Today , I read in the newspaper that a Blogger has turned into a Writer...And he says that he got the chance of getting his book published just because he used to write blogs..Now this has mooted a high spirit of confidence in me..Hope that your Blogger Abhilash too gets a chance to publish his book...Theres a lot of different in blogs and books..Blogs is a immediate conversation with your readers..You can say its an Unstructured Writing..But writing book needs a continuity in the story..It isn't self-imposed topics as in the blogs...But it is a perfect title and all about it after that..So as it is a Structured Writing..The responsibility while writing book is much much more than writing the blog..Blog helps me to notice what people like and what not ..Which helps me in deciding the contents of the book and the novel which is my dream to write...

               Today on 15th March, its Birthday of my Tauji- Mr. Shailendra Rohela..A caring man...He isn't from the relatives whom I sued that day on my blog..He is one from the good ones...So on his birthday I just want to wish him luck and success...A long and happy life..And a good physical body all his life till the d_ _ _ _ .So Tauji..Many many happy returns of the day..May you live a long long life...Happy Birthday to you...

                Chalo friends bahut baatein ho gayi aaj...Now let me move..Its already 2.55 AM..and I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow..Its really hard to have less sleep but its always entertaining to be awake for a long time...Extending the hours of waking up is a new talent...Hahaha...And Im the Indian Idol of this talent....Chalo Bye and wish you a good new weekend...


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angie said...

hey....welcome bak...gd to see ur blog today..was really missing readig them...hope u r feeling gd today and ur heart is not sad..well u can always write blogs when u r feeling sad and it will take ur mind off the sadness or watever loneliness u r feeling..srk has a vast popularity overseas thats the reason why all his films do well overseas specially in the us..but my personal favourite is amir and akshay..srk is ok too but he does all same kind of movies over and over again so it get boring to watch him do the same stuff over and over again..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks auntiji....for waiting for the blogs..Yaa i write when Im sad..but actually I was off from the blog for two reasons..One the mindwas sad and another that my internet connection is limited so Was balancing the MBS surfed by me...And else I hope that u r loving my writings and the contents of the blogs....And I hope Ill always reach upto what u expect from www.bloggerabhilash.info....and Yaa Shahrukh khan has this popularity just bcoz he has exposed himslf a lot..Now when Amir is exposing himself..U can see the differences in both the popularities....Aamir is far better than Shahrukh..I hope u agree and everyone here...Akshay makes nonsense movies...Without any sense...But then too as a comedian he is great....


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