29 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Meeting With Umera-Yusuf-Vandana-Prema !!!

            165TH BLOG -->>

          I'm 24 hours late but then too I can't forget to share my experience with you all...On Saturday..I went to Vashi Hospital to visit Umera with three friends-Yusuf, Vandana and Prema..At 6 o clock in evening , we sat from Panvel and reached Vashi..I was shivering as my emotions were flowing in the hostile will of not meeting Umera as I was feeling very shy to meet her..Several interrogations were running in my mind..I was thinking of her condition..I was thinking what to ask..how to ask..when to ask..But I wanted to meet her..But then the audacious mind said Abhilash don't worry, meet the girl..She will only feel happy and blithe to see you with other 3..And I retaliated YES I WILL GO..and finally We all reached hospital and Guard stopped us...He allowed Yusuf and Vandana to go first..and I and Prema was asked to wait for next few minutes..Now we were waiting for this 2 people to return back..I kept Prema with myself because Yusuf and Vandana both can talk to Umera..and I don't talk to her and so was Prema with me as she talk much with Umera..So I thought that Prema will lurk me behind and I'll meet her safely without any scratches on our meet..Finally guard allowed both of us too...I stood infront of the door of the ward where Umera was lying all alone..She was lying as the world has left her..Everyone has mortified her..The surfeit emotions were running in my blood...Finally we went and sat near her bed..She smiled..But I  didn't found that attraction in it..That wasn't the smile of UMERA BEGUM..That wasn't the smile of the girl whom I loved..That was the smile of Umera Begum who is sick now..Who is patient now..It was taking me time to understand this..but the fact was I was hiding myself from my real emotions..Umera-the girl who ran much faster than any boy of our class..the girl who was so strong that no boy would win ever in running out from her hands when she used to run behind them...and today..with a low volume she whispered to Vandana and Prema..Pillow seedha kar do taaki main baith jaaun..The girl was unable to handle her pillow...When I saw Umera in this condition..My eyes were wet..My heart was filled with confused blood...Not happy..I was perusing Umera again and again..without really getting involved in the conversation with her..

            She was lying wearing the gown...a thin bed-sheet covered her body..What I can see from this was the slim and thin body of Umera...I wanted to cry..I wanted to talk to her..I wanted to give her strength..I wanted to share many facts with her..But the emotional Abhilash was not ready to utter a single word..I was just glaring her..searching for the beauty I was flat for..Searching for that cynosure-questing eyes which held and magnetized everyone close to her..but I wasn't successful in searching it..Her hands were weak...Her voice was weak...Her body was weak..and so was my Heart weak..Operated was she..Crying was me..Interminable sadness was lying in my eyes..I wanted to hold her hands and cry but I'm not allowed to do this..I'm confined to opine till certain limits..

            After sometime, Prema handed Naariyal Paani which we bought for her..Prema handed it to her on behalf of all of us who came to meet..The spark and shine in the Prema's eyes were like it was the paani from the naariyal of Rajnikaant's farmhouse..The Naariyal paani was given so much emphasis as it was the most powerful energy drink available in the whole galaxy of earth..It was treated as Naariyal was autographed by James Bond..and Paani was tasted by Anjelina Jolie..Prema was offering it to Umera as the Paani will make Umera run like a Cheetah in 6 seconds like a ENO cures stomach in the advertisements..Umera didn't even elucidated and glared Naariyal paani even once..She was treating it like a paani from gutter..But I hope that Paani would have turned Umera into P.T. Usha in few minutes after entering the nerves of her body...Hahaha...This was the time when my sadness gave a little time to the happiness to conquer my thoughts..Then we said to Umera..We are leaving you now..take care..and the way she said..Jaa rahe ho...was like she was saying us to be with her for all her life..She was alone..She wanted someone..and then having her classmates there...Sorry...beautiful classmates there was like a paani in the naariyal..but we had to leave..I wanted to stay but had to leave..and finally we left her...with the incomplete expression on her face...half smile like a half-moon on her lips..uncombed hair struggling on her head like an unemployed man struggling for the job..After we reached the door she moved her hands to call us back..Vandana went and she said to her to put the pillow again at the place so that she can lie down again..and Now..I again wanted to cry...Cry so much that another naariyal would be filled up with my tears..What have you made yourself, Umera? Where have you lost? Where are you? I want you back..Please come back to your in statu quo..Bas now I can't talk much about you...otherwise my tears have already made my trek pant wet..it will make my underwear wet too in some minutes by passing from my trek pant as it is very thin..Uff..Sorry... ;-)


         Yusuf horned..I ran down the stairs..sat down on his scooty and marched towards Panvel station to receive Prema and Vandana..They were coming to my house for completing our group project of Organizational Behaviour..We went there before time and were standing out of station and waiting for the girls as Aishwarya Rai is going to come and give us kisses infront of the media and the whole world..Uff...I don't know from where does this thought travels my brain..Sorry Prema and Vandana for this..Hahaha..Finally they came..and we reached my home..Now this was the first time for all the three friends to come to my house...They were feeling very shy to enter..Finally they came...and we started with the project work within a minute..This was the first time we were working so sincerely..One boy had Conflict within the internal members of our group and so we were not even missing him..There were 2 girls-2 boys..Why to have 3rd boy in between..Uff...Sorry Vandana and Prema once again.. ;-) ... Yusuf and Vandana were summarizing the topics and then Prema was dictating it to me and I was typing and making slides of them..This was the true group work...My Father came in between to give his suggestions again and again..But his every idea flopped like my real love-stories..We worked continuously..and we supported each other continuously..Everyone did their job exactly how they were expected to do..Had some snacks in between..and a lunch too..Thanks to my dear mummy..I think I should add her in Acknowledgement..But then the 3 will say add our mummies too as they allowed us to come on Saturday to your house..Then madam will say-I'll give the marks to your mummaas..You all go and have snacks and lunch only..So I think Acknowledgement isn't having my mummy's name now..Hahaha...

                  While we were making our presentation..My carpet exclaimed,"Abhilash". I whispered,"Say".. It replied," This is the first time Two young girls are sitting on me..Where were they before?".. I replied candidly," Keep your mouth shut..just enjoy and don't talk much otherwise from next time I'll only call Yusuf and you will have to suffer him." Carpet replied," Oh..Sorry..Sorry..I'm not interested in that pot..I'm happy with this light-weight flowers..You do your work..Im quiet.." ..Finally my carpet got what it wanted from 1 year..Young girls sitting on it..I'm happy for my carpet more than for the completion of my presentation..Vandana and Prema, Sorry once again..But this time it isn't my feeling..It is what my carpet said to me..

                Chalo friends..I'm leaving..One of the longest blog..Its 4 AM past now..Only 3 hours remaining and I should move now.. I should take I-pill..Oh sorry..Chill-pill and go to sleep..


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