18 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Mumbai Indian Wins !!!

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        Finally , The attack of Mumbai Indians on Delhi Daredevils proved to be successful..Mumbai won by 98 runs..Shortly, I won against my relatives as my relatives resides in Delhi and I'm the only one who lives so far in Mumbai.I just don't want Delhi to win..Let anyone win the IPL but not Delhi..One of my cousin has done a good prediction, I know that everyone of you will dissentient because its a kind of illusion..He says,"Bhaiyya, In the IPL-1 , Rajasthan had Blue Jersey they won..In the IPL-2 , Hyderabad had Blue Jersey and they won the season, and this time in IPL-3 , Kolkata is wearing blue Jersey and I\'m sure that they will win the IPL-3 ..You can even get it with their first two wins..Dont you?" I was surprised to hear this non-observed fact..He was very right..But then I have an example,"I was in class 6th, In the first Unit Test, I scored 11 Rank, in the next test I scored 10th Rank.Then in the 3rd test I scored 9th Rank.Now I was confident that in the annuals , as I'm consistently proliferating up with 1 rank I'll surely score 8th Rank.But I scored 18th just the double of 9th rank which I scored in the last exam." So we can't plaudit these types of predictions because we dont know when can vicissitude take place.But IPl is good to watch.Batsmen never waits for a good ball..He only knows the dialogue of Shahrukh in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gamm - Aankh band karo Maa baap ka naam lo aur bas maar daalo..Hrithik did the same in the first shot of the movie - His team needed 6 in 1 ball and he scored it in the last ball..The same happens here in IPL..Sach mein Its Ek Desh Ek Junoon !!!

               Read an e-mail which says and shows how the animals are ill-treated so that they can have big livers and big parts of their body so that customers can enjoy their flesh in the restaurant..And it was about the non-vegs supplied at KFC RESTAURANT and McDONALDS..It feels so bad that for our tongue to be happy, we carelessly thrash a poor animal who don't have anyone who can listen to them..I'm very sad to see this..My salute to all the Vegetaranians of this world..Waise toh if you will talk scientifically, even plants and trees are living beings then why do we cut them down and eat them or use for other activities..Even they can experience pains while they are separated from its root..

                Today, I read an article where it says that couple having twins has more chances to isolate and separate..But the people like Chetan Bhagat denies the reports of this study as he has twin children and he has no problem with his wife..I think the analyst went to Plandora for the research because I don't think that parents of twins will try to ignore each other and leave the bonding..

                Sorry friends, want to write but feeling sleeepy........Let me move and get out from here...


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Anonymous said...

hey just landed on your blog thats gr8 that you want to write a book and for to become perfect as a writer you have started this blog .But one thing my friend no one can be a perfect writer one can be a better writer.So try to become a good author..Don't run after perfectionism..Am i talkin too much...May be....

Me here

Writing Buddha said...

No my friend..U aren't talking too much..u r just saying what u feel is right and Yes u r right..Nobody can be perfect...I do know that...but i want to be best...I think being the best is possible..Right???? And man ..Im very happy that u dont know me but still u came here...read my blog..and the most wonderful thing done by u is that u posted comment here...U r really a big hearted person..Thanks a lot...be in contact..

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